Moon Phases: Chiron and the Wounded Healer

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Greetings beloveds,

Yesterday the moon moved from Aquarius to Pisces and was 87% illuminated. The energy still felt calm and smooth. Yesterday after learning more about my moon aspects in my natal chart I became interested in learning more about my Moon semisquare Chiron. I decided to dedicate my meditation to connecting with this energy. As I lay in my bed early this morning the energy of my grandfather shared with me that this aspect was deeply related to the wound of my mother and my soul. My mother has always expressed that she did not feel heard, had a difficult time releasing resentment and changing old patterns. As a sensitive child, I felt heard in my household but mostly through outbursts of emotions. Sitting down calmly to discuss something was not a skill that I acquired until about a year ago. This was also the time that I realized that I was carrying the energy of my mother and reliving her experiences. There’s no telling how deep this mother wound went. Upon this realization, I knew I needed to completely change my behaviors, thought processes, and the way that I responded emotionally.

I took all of this with stride as I always feel safe and protected with my ancestors’ energy. I was tempted to get up early and head out for a morning walk but was called to rest and integrate the message. I felt so good though I decided to get up anyway. Well let’s just say I need to listen to my guides because not even 5 minutes after I had gotten up I bent over to grab a sock and boom something went wild in my back. It was excruciating pain. Now I’ll be the first to say I have a low pain tolerance. I do not like being uncomfortable. The shooting pains and inability to more freely was so awful. I fell back into bed and looked up the local chiropractor. The one I thought of going to didn’t open until 9 AM but another location opened at 7 AM. So I emailed my bosses and headed out. They got me in at 8:15 AM and I went through some painful waiting while getting X-Rays. They did some treatments which didn’t really help much at first but afterwards I noticed it was easier to walk. Then I had an adjustment which really helped relieve some pressure. My back still hurts but the revelation of the importance of listening to your body, your guides, your intuition could not be ignored.

I find that there is so much I take for granted. I have always enjoyed good health other than being heavy set because I love chocolate and only enjoy exercise when I feel called to. As soon as I get the ok from my doctor I am back to moving every day. My healthy body is something to treasure and I will not take it for granted any longer. My mother was a dancer and when things didn’t turn out the way she thought they would she stopped dancing. I know now that one should never stop dancing unless they have no other choice. This is how I can release some of the energy in connection to the mother wound go. I also needed this time to force myself to sit and be still. Although I may not want to exercise a lot it is difficult for me to sit still and relax. I always feel that there are projects that need to be worked on. I have to prioritize my health though. I have to love my body just as much as I love my mind and heart.

I never thought connecting to the moon would involve connecting to my physical body in this way. I do know that I need to do a clearing of my root and sacral chakra as the area this is injured is my sacral and coccygeal or coccyx portion. These are the part of the spine located behind the pelvis and connects the spine to the pelvis. The divine physical literally stopped me in my tracks and said it’s time to take care of me.

Here’s what I’m doing to support myself:

Hot baths

Heat pack


Hot tea

Yummy dairy free foods

Sweet fruits

Lots of water

Supporting my back up against the wall while sitting up

Laying down with my feet up the wall to alleviate the pressure against

my lower back.

Moving slowly but frequently

Tonight I plan to sleep with my legs up the wall for a bit and then with a pillow between my knees. I will do a chakra connection and clearing meditation this evening to see what this portion of my body tells me. I will share these insights with you all tomorrow.



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