Moon Phases: Chiron and the Wounded Healer

Greetings beloveds, Yesterday the moon moved from Aquarius to Pisces and was 87% illuminated. The energy still felt calm and smooth. Yesterday after learning more about my moon aspects in my natal chart I became interested in learning more about my Moon semisquare Chiron. I decided to dedicate my meditation to connecting with this energy. … Continue reading Moon Phases: Chiron and the Wounded Healer

The Death of the Phoenix

Greetings beloveds, I speak of death and the underworld often because so many are experiencing journey's through the underworld that are causing their lives to go up in flames. Death cannot be escaped as it is the doorway to new life. It's painful. It's scary. It's dark and brutal. It makes you wish you had … Continue reading The Death of the Phoenix

Feeling the Heat

Greetings loves, To say this has been a time of transition and transformation would be an understatement. From what it sounds like everyone has been experiencing a lot of change as well. Whether its been career wise, romantic, platonic, family, vehicle, home, or spiritually life is about change. It's about growth. That isn't always easy … Continue reading Feeling the Heat

The Aftermath

Yesterday was without a doubt traumatic. Here we are called to not only use the skills that we have learned through our spiritual, emotional, and psychological work but also to take a stand for better policies and legislation. Our inner work should reflect externally and this means that as a whole we have to transform … Continue reading The Aftermath