The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-Death/The Reaper

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XIII Death/ The Reaper

You look up as a figure begins to approach you from the distance. Is it a skeleton approaching you, his bones rattling in song of attraction and invitation? Or perhaps it is a figure upon a horse whose commanding presence asserts that change is inevitable and cannot be avoided. Maybe it is the striking image of the crone or Dark Goddess in one of her many forms that holds her hand out to you as you experience the death/rebirth process. Death comes in many forms, shifting to fit the needs of that time required to create the catalyst for change.

Nothing in life stays the same. We are here to grow and transform. Would you really want to be the same person you were when you were 5 when you are 65? You might want the energy and vitality but you would miss the maturity from life experiences that you gained over the years. Improvement, destruction, conflict, creation. These are all forms of change. As an Earthly concept, Death creates a cycle that renews us and our world. Synonymous with transformation, Death transmutes what already exists into forms that allow for more life flourish. Death is not an external force that acts upon us. It exists at every level of our being from our soul, energetic, physical, and mental bodies. When we embrace this concept of life/death/rebirth we allow our souls to evolve just as our physical bodies evolve.

When the Death card shows up in your reading you are in a season of change. This could be through the release or death of one situation so that another can be born. It could also come in the form of you birthing a new space or state of being. Allow this to happen. Embrace it. Take a moment and decide what you would like for your world to look like. You are in the space of creation. Be a creator and manifest the life you deserve. Death is a beautiful thing it just depends on your perspective.


The Death card in reverse indicates that you are in a place of stagnation. You are either resistant to or avoiding change. This could be intentional or unintentional. Sometimes we are conscious of wanting to keep things the same because we find comfort in familiarity. Other times we subconsciously sabotage opportunities to move forward in life by holding on to old relationships, feelings, perspectives, and material items. We think that things just aren’t working out for us because of external factors when in fact we are placing ourselves in circumstances to maintain our status quo. We are not facing the shadow of who we are so we stay in the same place. Year after year repeating the same patterns. When the Death card shows up in reverse in your reading, look around you to see what you are holding on to that needs to be released. What do you need to let die to more on in life? If you feel there is nothing you are holding on to seek the insight of trusted friends, family, or peers.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number thirteen is feared by many because of its misrepresentation over time. Thirteen is the number of renewal. Those who align with the vibration of the number 13 have lives that are filled with persistent change. You have the temperament to handle being in a state of rebirth so that it energizes you instead of depletes you. Change for you is growth. It is a mark of moving forward in life. You, in turn may act as a Reaper or Death. You arrive to transform the lives of those you encounter. A balanced number thirteen also acts as the bringer of life. You take people, situations, and ideas that have died and breathe life back into them. Removing the bits that don’t work and inspiring those around you to develop a new world. Death is associated with the sign of Scorpio who rules the underworld. Scorpio calls for us to embrace change through releasing that which does not serve us. This is channeled through Earth as the only planet that we know of so far, where death is experienced.


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