Moon Phases: The Root and Sacral Energy Centers

autumn moments (1)Greetings beloveds,

Yesterday was a bit rough but it did solidify that I have to work on my connection to physical body. I know when I started this effort to connect with the moon that I did not expect for this to be the outcome. I suppose opening to mind to the fullness of what is connected to the moon is the reason I was called to engage in this work. Movement is sacred to the moon. I’m finding that I am more aware of the movements that I make unconsciously because they are just rote memory now. The pain has brought me awareness. Walking a certain way makes my back twinge. Turning quickly comes with a flash of pain. Standing in one position for extended time periods is hot and dull. I now understand the power of my pelvis, lower spine, root, and sacral chakra. I understand how when this area is out of synch this causes for the rest of my body to not be able to function at its’ best. Holistic health is necessary. Aligning the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies brings true health. Understanding that this is a life-long process that is never complete allows space for grace, compassion, and empathy for oneself and others.

I knew that I needed to check in with my energy centers. I honestly had not done so in a couple of weeks. I laid down as my back had been stressed from standing so long to wash my curly natural hair. I snuggled under the covers, my hair wrapped in a soft microfiber towel. I was content, safe, and comfortable with my neck well supported and my feet placed on the wall, thighs parallel to the bed. I closed my eyes and proceeded through my meditation sequence. I take deep breaths for the count of 5 until I feel my thoughts calm and my body settle. If I am feeling particularly stressed I will slowly tense and relax each portion of my body starting at my feet and moving up the rest of my body.

I brought my consciousness to my root energy center. I felt nothing for a moment. Then a slight twinge. I gently sent soft golden energy there to awaken that portion of my body. The energy began to swirl gently, slowly. I placed a ball of light around it to enclose it in energy. Once it felt secure I moved upwards to the sacral point. This one was active but hot. It felt tired and worn out. I again sent it golden waves of energy to empower it. I also sent it cool waves of blue energy to soothe and calm the frustration it experienced from being too active without acknowledgement and rest. I then let this area rest bringing my attention to my energetic body. It thrummed with life. I let that hum lull me into a state of complete rest and surrender. I found myself drifting off and offered up a prayer to the God and Goddess for health, peace, and awareness of my connection to all that exists around me.

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day activities. I am attempting to create a space with my fellow Priestesses where those who follow different paths related to the Divine can gather in peace. A space for the Goddess in her many forms to be honored. This has taken a tremendous amount of energy to birth and the temple is still just in the development stages. Yet, I have not been caring for the spaces within myself that provide this creative energy. Balance was needed and balance was sought. The moon sees through the distractions that can claim our attention that are so bright during the day. She watches us through her steady gaze gently pulling on our form to glance up even for a bit to gather a bit of her wisdom. Without the balance of activity and reflection, day and night, life and death we are incomplete. Existing but not experiencing, living, thriving. So we slow down. Look up at the dark night, sliver of light, or full moon and see that we are whole. We just must bring our awareness back to that truth.



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