The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series-Temperance/The Angel of Time

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XIV Temperance/The Angel of Time

Life flows shifting and changing. From one jar to another the essence of life is poured. The Angel of Time takes the task of bringing the conscious into balance with the unconscious, soul with matter, and masculine with feminine.

The Temperance card represents a time when you or those around you are modifying their behavior, thoughts, or beliefs to be in better balance with the internal/external world. It is the combination of the masculine and feminine in harmony beyond then just the superficial male/female, war/love, mars/venus, patriarchy/matriarchy, designations that are pushed upon us. This is about being all of who you are as a person full of purpose, passion, and vitality. You are not feeling quartered or forced to only operate from one form of intelligence. You can feel everything and be whole. This allows for you to have more harmonious interactions with those around you giving insight into the second meaning of the Temperance card.

Creating a space where you get along better with others is the other meaning of the Temperance card. It is the ability to see outside of yourself and realize the effect of time. Time puts our lives and interactions into perspective. We realize that in the long run the most important thing is that we are true to ourselves and live lives full of compassion for ourselves and each other. Outside of our physical bodies our souls live on interacting on the different planes and realms. These few years that we live here on Earth are but a second in universal time. So we find ways to make connections with others. When the Temperance card shows up for you, make sure that your heart has not be falsely hardened against others where you cannot even fathom seeing their soul. This does not mean compromise you own principles but to see how you can function in the world with the many different views and opinions of others. Temperance calls on you to see the bigger picture outside of time and work on obtaining that goal with others.


When the Temperance card shows up in your reading in reverse it can indicate that you are either not working harmoniously with others or are in conflict with yourself. There is a situation that asks for you to not get trapped in the battles of the moment. To not let your pride, ego or injured feelings keep you from knowing and being your true self. You cannot separate the masculine and feminine within you. You may try to fit into some outdates limited gender or sex roles but you will find that they suffocate you. Stifling your ability to be creative, free, and joyful. When you also attempt to separate yourself from others around you this creates the same circumstance of a life of limitation. Find those that align with you and use that as a springboard to build your community. An internal revolution that brings compromise between your many facets of being will call forth others that are doing the same.

Numerology and Astrology

The number 14 is associated with creativity, strength and strong earthly appetites for things such as food, sex, and material items. The quest for those with this number are to find balance through a compromise of how much they indulge their desires. This is another testing number. One will have to keep things in perspective to not fall into the traps of envy, jealously, or greed. Focusing on maintaining a clear sense of self, a balanced state of desires, and harmonious relationships with others will lead to a life of fulfillment. Ruled by Mercury which brings reason to the drive for earthly desires which can pull us into ruin and Sagittarius who must learn to balance their animal and human natures. Together these provide the perfect basis to master our inner self and then communicate from that space with others. Mercury gives us Sagittarius the vision and perspective to know that the challenges they face are only a small part of our lives. That these times will not last forever and through better connection with ourselves and others around us, we will create a future that is even better then we could ever imagine.


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