Moon Phases: Nesting into the Waning Crescent with Moon Greens

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Greetings beloveds, 

            As we shift into the darker part of the moon phases and the moon moves from Aries to Taurus, I realized that I am nesting. Cleaned up my home, car, and I started my nutrition based moon healing practice. I had to shop around a bit but I made sure that every item on the list could be obtained in your local health or grocery store. To incorporate the leafy greens into my diet I made some greens the way my mother and grandmother used to make them. Here’s a sample recipe to get you started.

Moon Greens

1 Bunch of Kale

            1 Bunch of Rainbow or Swiss Chard

1 Bunch of Spinach

1 Bunch of Mustard Greens

1 Bunch of Dandelion Greens

1 Bunch of Collard Greens



1 Large Onion

3-5 Garlic Cloves

Chop up the onion, garlic cloves, fennel, and celery along with any other herbs you would like to add such as oregano, parsley, basil, cumin, or chili powder. Mix with 1 to 2 cups water in your high-speed blender.

Wash and clean all of the leafy greens.

Heat a large pan on the stove with a drizzle of your preferred oil, I use olive oil.

Once heated, add your greens and gently toss them in the oil.

Now add the water mix you made in step one.

Cover the pot and lower the fire/temp of the burner and let your greens simmer until they are soft enough to eat.

Remove from the stove and enjoy!



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