The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series: The Tower/The Lightening Strike

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XVI The Tower/The Lightening Strike 

Mayhem, destruction, lightening, death! The Tower is a card that shows a world falling apart. At least that is what appears on the card. A bolt of lightening crackles down from the heavens striking the dome off the roof of the tower. From the Tower falls two people head first towards the ground. The world as they know it has quickly and drastically changed.

The Tower represents a time of what can feel like upheaval in one’s life. You are being called to take a creative approach to dealing with the issue or problem that has arisen in your life. Like a light bulb going off you may be hit with a solution or new way of approaching the way you have been living your life. The material world around you has crumbled so that you are forced to realize that there is more to life than things. One of which is your health. If you have not taken time to prioritize your health do so now.

The Tower card also indicates that now is the time for you to stand strong and take a step outside of your comfort zone. When the world falls apart do you tumble to your demise head first or do you take that moment of freefall to do the unexpected and save yourself. There may have been an accident or poor decision made because of a rash action that you took. If so, be brave and take responsibility for what you have done. As we know, you reap what you sow so your world will be shaped by your actions. Knowing when you have messed up and being willing to correct your path takes courage that not many have. It’s not over yet as you haven’t hit the ground. You can still pull up and change your outcome. The Tower card says open your eyes. Look around you and accept that what is happening is happening but that you can create a better world after the rubble settles.


The Tower card in reverse indicates that things really are not going well for you. You cannot recognize the world around you because things are not going at all like you planned. It’s time to take a break and figure out what’s most important to you to get your life back on track. If it’s too much just take a break. Sometimes when you fall its best to just brace for the impact and start preparing for recovery.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 16 is associated with change, growth, and innovation. Those who carry this energy are successful and highly creative. Due to their ability to be able to create solutions to micro and macro issues, they also call in conflict. Those with 16 energy may encounter strife and sudden economic upheavals as they are called to elevate their desires beyond material success. Use your skills with integrity. Be honest and forthright, then when things begin to transform you are able to stand tall, proud of your actions and decisions. Ruled by the Moon and Mars, the Tower takes our inner drives and desires with a strike of energy to get things rolling. It is the ability to re-examine our lives and change our behavior for the better. The moon rules subconscious which houses our creative force while Mars is the power of action and manifestation. From here we see dreams coming true if they are approached in a grounded fashion. Yet, the moon can also conceal true motives which sometimes must be brought to light by force. This is the energy of The Tower.


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