Move Like Water

Move Like Water

Greetings beloveds,

What a strange season it has been. One thing is for certain though the heat is here! So how do you stay active and healthy when it’s hot enough to boil an egg on the sidewalk? One way is to make use of this seasons element water through swimming or water inspired movement.

Swimming can be done in a pool, ocean, lake, pond, river or any body of water. You might even try paddling your legs in your tub if it’s deep enough. As an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise, swimming will strengthen your muscles while also improving blood flow. It is a gentle form of exercise that does not cause the extreme stress on your joints and muscles that running, cycling, or even yoga can cause. Swimming can also be a great way to start a movement practice if you have been more sedentary over the past few months, seasons, or years.

If anything, spending time in the water will connect you to the energy of summer. Regardless of the environment that you encounter this source of life, you can experience the power of water on yourself and others. It gently or roughly will pull you in or push you out in the ocean. It will chill and refresh you as you wade or jump into the pool. Life exists all around you in the lakes and ponds while the continuous flow of the streams and rivers remind us that change is the only constant. Connect to that form of water wherever you find it. Move with it. If you are not feeling comfortable being in the water, water or picture it in your mind and use that to inspire your movement here on land. Let your body flow and roll with your imagination.

Apply the lesson of persistence to your movement practice. As we have seen with valleys and canyons water may flow but with each drop it can push through any barrier. Let that be your drive for this summer.



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