Moon Phases: New Moon in Leo – The Void

autumn moments (1)Greetings beloveds,

I have been thinking a lot about cycles. Since starting this project on the Moon I have been more in tuned with the day to day energies and how they shift and change. Cycles always felt like big ticket items with Solar returns, Saturn returns, or the effects of Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Mars, and Mercury retrogrades. Yet the persistent presence of the Moon has caught me in its’ orbit. The variety of what I can experience each day is captivating. I have not completed one full cycle yet of observing the Moon’s influence and yet I know I will never feel the same way about the power of this satellite of Earth. Following the Moon’s phases takes us through the birth, life, death, rebirth cycle monthly, and it is changing my life.

I never understood the draw to the Moon other than as a way to see at night. It was pleasant to look at and I knew that it held an important role energetically but I did not feel connected to the Moon. I have a Moon in Leo as I have discussed and the Moon’s association with the feminine as gentle and nurturing just did not align with my experience of the feminine. I am loud, flamboyant, messy, selfish, sometimes brash, and overtly sexy. I blame it on my Venus and Mercury in Scorpio. I see now the scope though of the Moon. The variety of how the Moon expresses itself. The Moon encompasses all these attributes and yet I would not have realized this if I had not taken this journey to understand how I relate to the Moon. All these cookie cutter, one size fits all descriptions of the Moon in this sign or the Moon’s aspect to this planet is a great starting point but it isn’t the whole story. It will never be the full picture because that comes from our personal exploration of who we are. That is the point of the self-actualization process, shadow integration, and becoming your own person.

We are in the dark phase of the moon. It is a time for new beginnings, a change in pace, and an energetic shift. We are in the astrological sign of Leo with a new Moon in Leo. This feels like coming out of the dark cave of the subconscious slowly slipping into the light. For some this may have been that birthing moment where you are pushed into the world. It feels like that magical moment where you take a breath of fresh air on your own. Or perhaps your still in the canal and the deep depths of the cave because for you the light hurts more than the darkness. We are all exactly where we need to be. With the new Moon it is not about forcing an outcome. It is about becoming still in your way so that you can feel the energy of what it means to let what needs to die go and what needs to be birthed grow.

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Here is the universal recommendation for a new Moon, you may want to fast from solid foods, technology, movement, or speaking. It is a good time to let the body, mind, heart and soul rest. The energy of Leo though calls for you to spread your wings so be brave and follow your heart. What is it telling you to do? Eat lots of chocolate, spend a day on the beach and meet your loved one’s for drinks that evening? Wherever your heart leads you follow it. The path may surprise you.


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