The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series- The World/The Adept

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)

XXI The World/The Adept

            A laurel whirls above your head or perhaps you are within this wreath. You have embraced the call of the trumpet with childlike joy and wonderment at what is to come. You are free of restraints and unlike the Hanged Man, your world is right side up. You understand the depth of this world due to two things symbolized by the two wands held by the dancing woman. First, your conscious awareness of your connection to source and the integration of your internal levels of self which also occurs in two ways. We have the subconscious, conscious, and ego along with the spirit, mind, physical, and emotional bodies. When all of these parts of your being come together, the World is at your feet.

The World card arrives in your tarot reading as a sign that you have successfully arrived at universal consciousness. You have completed the initiation process of the Fool’s Journey and have gained access to a World of knowledge, experience, and growth. The four guardians bid you welcome into the sacred mysteries. Your superficial ties to this Earthly plane have been severed and now you dance freely between the worlds. This card is distinctly portrayed as a woman to illustrate the properties of continuous creation through connection with the Divine. This is a time of joy but also one of serious contemplation. For at every end of a journey begins a new one.

The World card in your reading also indicates that you will have or already have successfully completed your projects or goals. The Fool’s Journey also applies to mastering your

will to manifest your desires. This comes through an ability to combine your will which is of the mind with your subconscious passions which are driven by your emotions. You needed these areas to work together to give you the strength to continue towards your goal when the nights were too long, the obstacles too large, when the final goal felt too far away. When emotionally you felt frayed your will stepped in refusing to be defeated. When your will felt weak your subconscious gathered up visions of what was to come upon the completion of your work. You subconscious sent you an inkling of a memory of loved ones that lifted you up during other difficult times of your life. You reached out to these people and your will became fortified. You’ve reached the top of the World, time to celebrate before the next journey begins.


The World card in reverse suggests that there are difficult times ahead. You are on your way to achieving your goal but it will not be easy. The World card in reverse can also mean that you did not choose the path of courage but of fear. You are avoiding change and holding on to the World as you know it. Let go. Take in the lessons brought to you by the Journey through the major arcana and learn from them. There is still time for a new journey begins with the first step.

Numerology and Astrology:

The number 21 represents an energy of completion and success. Those who align with this number find that they finish projects of a grand scale with little to no obstacles. These are the titans of their industries who spend more time caring for others and the well-being of this planet than on items or fame. Ruled by Jupiter and Saturn, it is no wonder that the number 21 is associated with success. Jupiter brings luck and divine guidance to all the souls combined universal purpose as presented by Saturn.

The Fool has completed this leg of the journey. What have you learned? What did you create? What do you release? Where will the next journey take you? The only way to know is to draw the next card and take that first step.


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