Moon Phases: Waxing Gibbous Moon in Capricorn

autumn moments (1)Greetings beloveds,

Today the Moon is fully in Capricorn and waxing gibbous. During this time you may find yourself building up to the manifestation energy of the Full Moon. The energy of this time is of outward movement and action. Think of it as the night before a major presentation and you find yourself feeling anticipation tinged with a little fear, that’s where we are right now. You might be the person who is OVER prepared and has your entire presentation memorized. Or perhaps you are just starting your presentation at 9 PM. Either way we know that things are coming to a head. Want to know what you will find during the Full Moon? Take a look at your July New Moon reading, dreams, or intentions but also take a look at what all was occurring at January’s New Moon in Aquarius energy as this the counterpoint for the Full Moon in Aquarius we will be encountering on Monday. In general, this is a time that emphasizes connections and social interactions. This is centered on family and those who you feel most secure with as the Moon is in Capricorn who is all about material security (which can manifest in connecting with those who can bring them material success). Couple this with Leo season and you have the perfect recipe for networking and social climbing. Send out that email, text, make that video, write that blog, or do whatever makes you feel seen and a part of the world around you. This might just be a trip to Target! This is your time, use it.



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