Moon Phases: The Moon in Capricorn-Crystals

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Greetings beloved,

The Moon has moved into Capricorn during the waxing gibbous phase. This is the energy of the builder. Capricorns take abstract universal knowledge and transform it into practical systems and societies. They create the Earth as we know it so that we can survive. This is not an easy energy to carry which can make this time feel heavy if you are finding yourself with too many projects or tasks to accomplish. It is wise to remember that while there are some responsibilities that must be attended to there are some tasks that we choose to take on that can be shifted to another person or time. Your worth is not determined by what you accomplish. You are worthy because you exist. Capricorn calls for us to look completing projects while also leaving room for celebration even if for a moment. Remember it is during Capricorn season that many of the Holy Days for various religions occur. That is why Capricorns work as hard as they do. Yes, partly for themselves but also for those that they care about. So that they are able to see what they have contributed to the world and have it be appreciated for the effort that it took to manifest these outcomes. Today ask yourself what motivates you? Why do you do what you do? Be easy on yourself, excellence takes time.

You might also be feeling a bit more frisky during this time as Capricorns are a sensual sign. Although they are very serious when needed they take their connection to all PHYSICAL aspects of life. Feel free to explore these urges if you wish using safe practices. If anything Capricorns can teach us to be mindful of what we do and how it can affect us long term. Perform any form self-care that you can for yourself today no matter how small of an act. Taking care of yourself will not only improve your attitude but lower stress levels allowing for you to accomplish even more of the tasks that you have set for yourself. Realistic self-care practices include things such as having a cup of your favorite drink, taking a quick nap, completing a 5 minute breath exercise or even taking a moment to connect with your favorite crystal. If you are looking for some assistance connecting to the physical energy of the Moon in order to manifest here on Earth, here are some crystals that might be able to help.

Key Crystals and Metal Associated with the Moon:

Moonstone, Selenite (Peach), Oligocrase, Opal, Silver, Crystals that are Blue, White, Opaque, and Grey.

With love,



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