Full Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo: Initiation Through Fire

New Moon Readings (1)

Greetings beloveds,

Today’s new moon falls on the full solar eclipse. It is a time when the world will be in flux. I implore you to take this time to check in. How do you feel right now? Are you excited, calm, scared, indifferent? Prioritize your health. I won’t try to tell you what you need to be doing to take an active role in changing the energy and direction of the MADNESS that is happening right now in the world but I will say DO SOMETHING. My something is this spiritual work and supporting all causes that are here for equality for everyone. Find something that aligns with what you desire to see come forth that is not based on perpetuating inequality or any isms. Love and light is great but transformation happens in the dark.

I did a quick tarot reading from the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck over the past weekend for the complete solar eclipse that will be the happening during this new moon. I have included the video here.

The first card was Mary Magdalene as Initiation the Devil card in this deck indicating that we are being initiated into a new practice, form, or level of consciousness. As the 15th card, which is traditionally the Devil card, this warns of being mislead by a trickster, our own unhealthy habits, and temptations. What are your challenges at this time? What seduces you to turn a blind eye to that which may bring you joy in the moment but be unhealthy when excessive? Is it fame, money, fear, security? Do not be seduced. Take the medicine, the test, the process and surpass it. The next card was the 5 of Fire- Conflict. Obviously, there has been quite a bit of conflict at this time. Conflict though is not always the negative violent force that everyone associates it with…and sometimes it is. But is it violent for the seed to be broken for the plant to break through? Is it violent for the worm to liquify and then be born again as a butterfly? We see the outcome as beautiful but divorce ourselves from the painful work that had to occur beforehand. Conflict is an established form of change. Sometimes we must die a violent death as Jesus did, as was witnessed by Mary Magdalene as his priestess (depending on your view of their relationship), in order to be reborn anew. Finally, we have the outcome card was the Ace of Earth-Manifestation. From this initiation through fire we will find a new Earth. A new way of interacting with our physical world. We will begin to create again. Now that a portion of who we were has died it is time for us to be reborn. The best advice I have to offer you is buckle up buttercup this is gonna be a bumpy ride.

The general energy for this new moon in Virgo is that of new beginnings and renewal. This is a time in which we must be conscious of what we use, how we treat others, how we treat ourselves. Now is not the time to check out through food, sex, relationships, buying things, exercising, or religion. As they say STAY WOKE. Even when it hurts. Even as you start to see the world around you differently and feel confused or unsure. You realize that you need to take better care of the world around you. You cleanse with smoke from herbs, specifically sage? Where does your sage come from? Is it ethically harvested? Are you using practices without knowledge of their history, culture, or purpose other then what serves your desires? The time of being a passive by stander is over. If you choose to stay there though, not wanting to dive in deep, to stay on the surface, then the cycle will continue. Take this moment to accept the growth. To break out of your shell. To face the shadow. Show that you care through your actions. Energy is not only vibration or words but the body in motion. Let your actions express the love you feel.



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