Reflections: Exiting the Cage with a Roar

Greetings beloveds,

August was quite a whirlwind was it not? Did you make it out the other side or are you still standing at the door of the Lion’s Gate? This month has been amazing. Who would think that so much could occur over 31 days? We are heading towards fall and you can already feel the change in the energy as the full solar eclipse and mercury retrograde has caused for us to slow alllll the way down.

This month we will continue to review books, astrology, and numerology. This includes analyzing the new moon in Pisces and the full moon in Virgo. What’s more we will examine the general, love, masculine, and feminine energy of Fall. If you want your own energy reading for the new season you can order a reading here at The Bliss Institute etsy shop. With us now being in Virgo season we are all assessing where we stand in relation to our dreams and goals. As the days get shorter and the nights longer this gives us time to reflect further on who and what we would like to be. I hope that this September gives you a rest from the hectic energies of Summer and welcomes you to Fall.

With love,



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