Full Moon in Pisces: The Reality of Dreams

Full Moon Readings New

Greetings beloveds,

We have had quite a whirlwind of change since the full solar eclipse in Leo on August 21st. For many it was a time of closure, new beginnings, and clarity. For some it was a time of hardships as they found it difficult to integrate this energy. Whether you found yourself energized or depleted by the eclipse, I hope that you felt free. Free to trail a new a path. Free to love yourself wit. h no shame or pause. Free to fight for what you believe in. Through this freedom my wish for you all is to find sovereignty. Where you belong always to yourself first and from that centered space you love wildly all those who are dear to you.

We have reached the astrological energetic year for the full moon cycles. With this full moon in Pisces we find ourselves having completed the full wheel of growth and exploration of our manifestations. Check back in your journal or calendars and see what all you set into motion during the full moon in Aries.

  • What needs to be re-evaluated?
  • What needs to be better streamlined?
  • What barriers have you encountered over the past year but also recently over the last 2 weeks?
  • More importantly, Pisces calls for us to connect directly to our subconscious desires, dreams, and wishes.
  • When you do so, reflect on whether what you find there is present in your life?
  • If not, what can be done to bring more of these pieces of yourself into your reality?

This Pisces moon calls for us to complete work that is reflective in nature. Anything that you can do which allows for you to deeply connect with your spiritual path should be done today. Before you do so, reinforce any measures you take to protect yourself. Right now, energetic protection needs to be a priority on everyone’s list. If you are particularly sensitive then take extra care of yourself for the next week.

The general energy for the full moon in Pisces is community oriented. Your community might be online or only consist of you and one other person. Stand strong with each other because even if we do not want to recognize it, we are reflections of each other. Whether it is a negative or good reflection depends on our perspective and what is occurring in the world. It is together that we find our strength. Our communities provide safety, reassurance, and support on multiple levels. So come together to share, plan, and create opportunities for pleasure, entertainment, and sustainability. This is a great time to meet with your circle, coven, or group of friends. I personally will be meeting with my full moon women’s circle, a group that has fortified me many times.

Taking this time to connect with ourselves and each other will create the perfect opportunity to find new love. This could be a new-found love for your personality, path, or body. Perhaps, this will be a new or burst of energy in your current partnership. For many, this will be connected to your life purpose. The energy of Pisces is pulling us to dive deeply into our dreams and when the moon moves into Aries we are going to want to fiercely chase these dreams. The question then is during the new moon solar eclipse, you got a glimpse of how you want to shine your light in this world. It might have been the slightest glimmer but it was there. You found where that core of strength resides inside of you. It activated a drive that has been gearing up inside of you. I know you all feel it. You may have been acting on it and finding obstacles in your path that are calling into question this power you feel giving your strength to follow your purpose.

Have faith in yourself and what you are here to do. Even if you are not completely confident in your abilities and what you are here to do, working through your insecurities is a part of becoming that sovereign being that you felt wake up during the eclipse. The seeds have been planted. Trust that what you desire is coming and do not let these barriers pull you away from what you know you are here to do. Again, turn to your community and let the energy of your people or spirit guides calm your nerves. Through the sharing of your gifts your will find that this new love will blossom without any aggressive pushing from your end. You do not have to force anything. Take action in the areas that come to you simply and believe that everything will fall into place according to divine timing. I know that it take a lot of patience to hold that energy but aren’t your dreams worth the wait?

Obstacles can indicate that there is a reason that things are not happening right when you want them to. Pay attention to the signs around you. Check on your astrology, numerology, energy of your friends, how the Earth is behaving. There have been several environmental tragedies lately that have pointed out the inability of our macro structures to work in communion with our planet. It has also shown us how our communities are our strength in being able to come together and assist each other. What are the signs saying to you? Pay attention to whether you have been having intense reactions to weather, food, people, and spaces. These are being brought to your attention to let you know that there are experiments being done on us both with and without our permission. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Many advances in technology and science have helped us to connect the world, improve our lives, experience our dimension in ways that our ancestors only dreamed of (hint hint).

This is going to be such an amazing full moon! Take advantage of this time and fall in love. Love yourself. Love each other. Love our world. Love your ancestors. Love your path.



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