Full Moon in Gemini: Truth, Lies, and Shadow Work

Full Moon Readings New

Greetings beloveds,

Happy full moon in Gemini! A full moon in Gemini automatically means an increase in attention to communication. This is exemplified by a continued desire to live and speak our truth. The veil is lifted and masks are being removed. We can no longer pretend to be anything other than what we are. Light and shadow. We all have seen the reveal of sexual abusers, molesters, and other forms of abuse of power. This is fueled by a need to be heard and seen for our true selves. Although it may seem counter intuitive, those who committed the abuses were wanting to be heard just as much as those who experienced the injustice. We cannot hide who we really are. I know I love to compartmentalize my life. Keep everything separate. Well, around June that all came crashing down and I had to integrate all my circles into one. It was…painful for myself but now I feel less frazzled. This freedom due to truth is available to everyone if you are willing to take the risk. For those who have harmed or been harmed the risk is much greater. Be gentle with yourself. Do what you can.

This is also a full moon which will bring our dreams into the spotlight. Your shadow can often be found in your dreams. In the fear, love, lust, jealously, joy, and laughter of a silly or extreme situation which you find yourself falling in and out of as you sleep. There is healing that occurs when our dreams address our shadow and light self. There is no barrier between these parts of yourself in the unconscious. You are simply energy. Your dreams will bring you wisdom, if you are willing to heed it. Make a note to write down your dreams and reflect upon what their messages could mean. Perhaps do this from this full moon to the first full moon of 2018 on January 1st.

Lastly, you have been called to speak your truth, to follow your dreams, and now you review your commitments to ensure they align with your heart. We all have morals and values. Things that are important to us. Yet, what we believe to be important and what we give our time and attention to can be very different. For instance, perhaps you greatly value your family. You say that you adore your partner, children, parents, siblings, friends or pets. Yet, you spend most of your time focused on one person, your work, your hobby, or yourself. What are you truly committed to? It is highly possible that you are committed to your family and express this love through working hard to provide for them. Or you care for an ailing family member to ease the burden for others.  How we express our love looks different often than what others may expect for it to. Again, speak your truth. Communication can dissolve many possible misunderstandings before they occur. It also helps to know your love language which can be found here by taking a quick quiz.

Examine where you put your time and attention. Does this align with your values? Are you committed to what you love? If not, take the time to speak with yourself. Find out what is out of synch. Make the decision to get back into alignment. Create a plan and then implement it. You can change your life. You can be committed to what you love. You have to choose it.

Happy full moon loves.



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