New Moon in Sagittarius: Let the Arrow Fly

New Moon Readings (1)

Greetings beloveds,

2017 has been quite a year. As we experience the last new moon of this Gregorian solar calendar year, we are brought back to the beginning. To our roots. To the root chakra. In two days it will be the winter solstice. We are at that point where the Dark Goddess is pregnant with the new sun. The sun who is ready to return to the Earth to bring warmth and life back its’ inhabitant. You too are pregnant. With ideas, dreams, hopes, projects, or perhaps a human infant. The energy of creation is stirring within your loins. It builds bringing the warmth of darkness to your being that has grown cool with the loss of the sun. Feel it fueling you. Let the warmth move up through your energy centers. Feel it expand in your heart moving outwards to surround your entire energetic field. Now let it flow up recharging your throat chakra which has been so active over the past 6 months. Feel the freedom of letting your truth be known. The energy feels like coming home on a cold day to a warm home with delicious food and company (yourself or others). Your third eye lights up with the wisdom from your dreams and insights. The energy spills forth then from your crown reigniting your connection to the universe, Spirit, and God. You are whole. You are complete. You are perfect just as you are.

This new moon brings the promise of blessings in the form of self-care and innovation. Let the creative juices ignited from your root chakra provide you with stability and strength. The strength to say you matter. The strength to stand up for your needs and desires. The ability to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Everyone experiences barriers. Some more powerful and resistant than others. Some seemingly unable to be overcome such as institutional racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and environmental destruction. Yet, even when the Dark Goddess was alone in her pain and grief, there came support in the form of two beings who saw her. Witnessed her pain and said we feel with you. As you look at the world burning down around you. Feel the earth beneath your feet. The air against your cheek. The fires at your back and in your soul. The waters of your unconscious flowing to the surface of your being. Expect support in unexpected packages and forms.

Take time this new moon, winter solstice, and new years to give some love to yourself. Take some time off. Spend time with loved ones. Read a book or see that movie that you’ve always wanted to watch. Cook, sleep, write, camp, take that trip. Feed your soul. Be creative. The tools are already in your hands waiting for you to use them. The arrow has been notched, the bow pulled taunt. Let go.

Happy new moon loves.



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