Goddesses of Life and Death: Madame Pele and Sisterhood


Greetings beloveds,

It is late, but I am committed to my daily ritual of connecting with the Goddesses of Life and Death. Madame Pele deserves my best. Today will be a short introduction post to a larger topic that may span a couple of post before we move on to her relationship with her brothers. In the tales of Madame Pele, we hear of her relationship with her sisters. Most have her as the rival to her sisters or assisting her sister in relationship to the rivalry. Let’s dig deeper into this relationship between Madame Pele and her sisters because this is not just about sibling rivalry. This is about our relationship to ourselves, the feminine in each other and the divine feminine.

Tomorrow I will speak on Madame Pele and the relationship between our own feminine energy.

See you then and take care of yourselves.



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