Full Moon in Virgo: Let’s Get Down to Business

Full Moon Readings New

Greetings beloveds,

The days are getting noticeably longer. The sun is stretching its legs preparing for it’s return to the center stage. Winter’s last moments are cuddling us close. Wrapping us up in its earthly embrace before we are released to plant the seeds of our winter dreams.

This full moon in Virgo is a time of new beginnings and renewal. When the new, blood, blue moon lunar eclipse happened in late January it was time to close the book on our old stories. If you had not done this during the full moon solar eclipse this process may have been energetically taxing and painful. If you had taken the steps of release during summer 2017, you are starting to see the purpose behind why you experienced what you did. During the Leo full moon in February we gained clarity. The person we thought we were, could be, or should be was released or integrated. Whatever process needed to happen to prepare us for our rebirth occurred.

The garden is full of fresh new earth. The bushes and trees have been cut back. The older plants pulled up and composted so that they can feed the new dreams that are waiting to be birthed. What did you dream up this winter? Let’s take stock of what we will be birthing this year. Below you’ll find five categories to get you started. Reflect upon where you want to see growth in these area’s and feel free to add your own or dive deeply into as many or few as you desire.


Identify self-care practices and apply them to your routine. the

Describe and define what a healthy diet looks like for you.

Find several physical activities that you enjoy and integrate them into your daily practice.


What is your spiritual practice? Does it include prayer, meditation, song, dance, time in nature? How ever you express your spirituality, where would you like to expand and grow?

Social Circle (1)


Who makes up your social circle? Are they living the life that you would like to live? If not, evaluate the kind of person you would like to be and find others who have similar

Examine your relationships with your family, lovers, and partner(s). What do you want these relationships to look like, feel like, more towards?

Self and Professional Development 

What are your professional goals?

Is your career on track for where you would like to be 1, 5, and 10 years from now?

Are there any classes or courses you would like to attend in the next year?

Take 2 personality tests this year so you can better understand yourself and others.

Have your astrology, numerology, tarot, oracle, and akashic records read for you.


How do your finances look?

Review your:







With love,



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