Burn it Down Baby! 2018 Full Moon in Sagittarius

by julia wens (1)

It’s the last full moon of spring and we are going out with a party! It’s Gemini season with a full moon in Sagittarius meaning it’s time to take adventures, have fun, explore, break out of your doldrums and start connecting with the world around you. Here’s the thing, it may not feel like a party right now. There’s a lot of changes going on in the world. Uranus moved into Taurus, Jupiter trine Neptune, and Saturn quincunx True Node- all pointing towards us being aggressively pushed towards our purpose.

This is a full moon about learning to have hope during the hard time. Sagittarius is the sign that takes us into winter. Into a time of reflection and internal work. It is the curious energy that makes us curious enough about the darkness to cross over into death because it is only through death or change that we can be reborn.

During this full moon take a moment to connect to your ancestors and deities that protect you. Lean on them and their ability to see beyond this current moment to the outcome. This will build your energy and give you support so your heart can be open to new ways to let love in.

Above all else at this time find out what your dreams are, be brave, and follow them. There is so much love and magic available to you. When we trust in the universe then we trust that we have access to this power and love. We acknowledge that it is our right to be great and fulfill our purpose. For some this shift will come from leaning into their higher power. For others it will mean trusting that YOU are magic. Follow whichever path feels right for you. There is no wrong way to go about this process other than to avoid the healing and growth.


The Phoenix can not rise if it has not burned. Burn it down baby.

-Kamilah Rose

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