Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo

Partial Lunar Eclipse New Moon in LeoGreetings beloveds,

Whooo you did it. You made it to the end of Eclipse season which coincides with the start of the end of retrograde season. It’s Leo season, the Leo new moon, and a Partial Solar Eclipse, there’s no way you CANNOT be seen this season. So go head and shine beloveds! This eclipse/new moon energy is enhancing our expression, our light, our charm, and our energy. We have been gifted the total lunar eclipse full moon in Aquarius so we could put words to our feelings and our desires. Now it’s time to EMBODY that knowledge. Put it into practice. If you are finding that you are fearful of being seen, start to share more. Start to speak up more. Write more, go live on your preferred social media, raise you hand in a meeting and make a comment, or just go out for a walk with your head held high.

We are clear that through the energy of the moon, Venus in Libra, Uranus retrograde, and the Lion’s Gate that we are connected in every facet. The spiritual and physical realms are reflections of each other. Remember though that reflections can be distorted when the mirror is dirty or warped. So cleanse, cleanse, cleanse so that you can see clearly and present yourself clearly. We also understand that our thoughts, words, and actions must be in alignment or else our manifestations will be off as well.

We may see our unconscious desires and dreams manifest at this time. We will also see deceitful and fraudulent activity at this time. It’s all being laid bare. Have you done the work or are you still lying to yourself? Pretending that you are dedicated to the light when your shadow has taken over completely? Working on manifesting a job or money when you really want to stay home and enjoy the drama of late bills and a low bank account. Focusing on a partner when you can barely take care of yourself. All of these are ways that our conscious and subconscious can be at odds.

Now this does not tell the whole story. There are people and factors that we do not control but many of areas of our lives are completely under our control. Discernment let’s us know what is our work to do and what is external to our locus of control. 

The easiest way to begin to recognize what we truly desire vs. what we may think we desire is through observing the world around us. Take a look at your reality. Your forms of income, your relationships, how you feel about yourself, your spiritual practice, your home, your dreams. All of these are indicators of your subconscious state. Before we reach the gleaning season let’s be real with ourselves about where we are and who we are.

From here we can look at our options to enhance or correct our energy. We live in a limitless universe. There are so many possibilities available to us and yet we stay in the same patterns with little variety in our actions, thoughts, or experiences. This new moon we are aware of what we can do to improve our lives and how to navigate the murky energy of the retrogrades. Can you find another form of income, living situation, or even just change the way you look at what is happening around you? Are you in a state of gratitude or attitude? Find your current state and work on shifting that (or removing things that are not dedicated to your highest good).

Remember though everyone is encountering this energy and they may not be ready to share what they have learned about themselves. Give them time and give yourself time. Practice radical compassion at this time. It is difficult to do this work. We do not make excuses but we acknowledge the work being done and provide the space to heal. Whether that means you focus on yourself and give space to others or provide an umbrella for many, have compassion for the path we are on. Assert your boundaries and know where you stand.

You are the Lion. You are the Strength card. You are healed.

Happy New Moon!

Kamilah Rose

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