The Enchanted Hearth: Using Your Space to Manifest Your Goals

Space and Goals

Greetings beloveds,

I have been reviewing my goals and what I want. It is valuable to do this often as it ensures that you remain on a path that is taking you towards what you desire. It is not about being overly particular or analytical it is about staying aware. Learning how to go with the flow. This summer we have reviewed many ways to align with the element of water which rules this season. Now, we will look at how to utilize the energy of our space to assist us in manifesting our goals.

First, become aware of your space. You can find the energy of the spaces of your home by laying the Lo Shu Square across your living space and seeing what areas fall into which categories. For me, I will include the entire northern portion of my home which holds the knowledge, career and business, and helpful people energetic centers. I will also want to pay attention to the southern left and center portion of your home as that is where the abundance and fame portions are. The Southern left corner of abundance and wealth must always be well taken care o

  1. Keep these spaces clear of clutter, dirt, or discarded items. It will clog up the movement of energy for you.

The north center portion of your home is the obvious portion to work on if you are wanting to improve your business and career. Place plants there that will thrive. Use gold and green to decorate that space along with any other color that is associated with the career that you are in. For me, I am looking to increase my reach, my revenue, and clarify my products. I am going to saturate this area of my home which is my front door with rose gold, gold, and white for attraction. The knowledge portion of your home will assist you with learning any of the skills or talents necessary to achieve your goals. Place books, maps, or anything that is associated with what you need to learn about in that section to feed the energy of improvement. Lastly the helpful people section of your home is all about networking and connections which will assist you in manifesting your desires. Often, we think that we have to do it all. That we are the only ones who can make a way for ourselves. That is just not true. There is a role that you must play in all of this but there will always be others who can help carry the load or open doors. You are never in this alone.

Second, use pictures of exactly what you want to manifest into that space. You can create a vision board or any images that you have which are aligned with your goals. I have 3 vision boards that are complete with a 4th that I am still working on. I have found that the clarity that I have on what I desire determines the ability to create a board that reflects the energy of bringing me into alignment with my goals. I will review these during my birthday as I already know some revisions that need to be made. Always keep up with what you are putting out there that you desire.

Third, set an intention in your space. Ask for what you are desiring. Put it out there. We can be so afraid to ask for our dreams because we do not want them to not come true or to feel that we have failed. It’s Leo season!! Be brave beloveds and stretch yourself.

Finally, maintain your space. Keep this space clean, the symbols up to date, and renew your intention over time. Do this periodically perhaps with the cycle of the moon reviewing and cleansing this space every full and new moon.

Let me know how using your space to manifest your goals works for you!



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