September Astrological Placements

Hello September

It’s September! Let’s get it.

Sept 3 Jupiter semi-square Saturn

Use what you got to get what you want today. Be aware of your limitations so that you do not over commit yourself beyond what you actually have to give. If you do, you’ll find yourself suffering from imposter syndrome. Feeling that you are an underachiever or unworthy of your desires. To reach your full potential stay focused and have a plan but be gentle with yourself.

Sept 5 Pluto Quintile Chiron and Mercury enters Virgo

Pluto Quintile Chiron presents an excellent time to relinquish our obsession with healing. Today, just be. Let the patterns and pain from our previous experiences shift to the background of our thoughts. One’s talent may be in avoidance and today you should utilize that in order to not obsess over what has occurred. Otherwise you may find yourself on the hamster wheel of feeling unable to create new situations. If you are grounded, if you have explored your deepest depths, today the wheel will cease to turn for a moment and you will be able to see the patterns that have driven your existence since before you were born. Cross into the river of time and outside of the delusions of “now”. As you have been key in shaping your past you are now the code to unlock your future.

Mercury in Virgo moves our conversational styles from fun and flirt to precise and analytical. Think of thoughts having a laser like focus. If you’ve had difficulty getting your thoughts together over the past few months, Virgo is here to help you get that all straightening out.

Sept 6 Saturn goes Direct

May the choir sing!! Saturn has finally gone direct. The roadblocks, the deep shadow work, all the preparation has been waiting for this moment. Saturn the planet of hard work, sacrifice, and destruction gives way to the light of movement uninterrupted by the uncertainty of direction. You know your path. Walk it.

Sept 9 Venus enters Scorpio and New Moon in Virgo

It’s time to spice things up with Venus in Scorpio. Ruler of the underworld, Venus in Scorpio can be passionate, obsessive, and totally devoted. This energy calls for us to explore how our partnerships can move from a healthy attachment to a deeply fulfilling healing space. When this does not happen we find ourselves feeling trapped and held back by what we believe is a relationship that cannot be escaped. In time, we find that our relationship to our selves is the true reflection of our well being.

Sept 10 Mars enters Aquarius

Sept 12 Jupiter sextile Pluto

Sept 20 Saturn quintile Neptune

Sept 21 Mercury enters Libra

If anyone has ever spoken to a Libra you will have a surface level understanding of what Mercury in Libra is like. Most people enjoy spending time with Libra’s because they are light, charming, kind, and fun. Concerned with being “fair”, Libra’s are one’s who point out when you were about to say something and got cut off. They will quickly shut down a conversation that is demeaning, abusive, or cruel. At the same time they love gossip, not to be mean (although sometimes they are) but because it’s a form of entertainment. It’s like watching a Soap Opera or reality tv only better because it’s real. That’s the scales of Libra in Mercury. Always trying to balance out the conversation and information yet susceptible to being overwhelmed by their desire to let everyone be heard. Above all else be aware of letting everyone else speak while neglecting to make sure you make your point.

Sept 22 Sun enters Libra – Fall Equinox (Balance)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Libra season is officially here. Time to balance that shit out. We’ve done a lot of work over the past season and now it’s time to sort through the lead to find the gold. Harvest season is upon us.

Sept 24 Full Moon in Aries

Check back in soon for the full moon in Aries report.

Sept 25 Chiron Retrograde enters Pisces

Chiron has been retrograde in Aries since July 5th. It’s now backpedaling from the Alpha to the Omega moving into Pisces. The wounded healer in the realm of Pisces uses the strength we gained through the I AM truth of Aries to face the power of our subconscious I BELIEVE potential.

Sept 30 Pluto Direct

Glory, glory, we are finally gaining some momentum. Today Pluto goes direct in Capricorn. That painful digging through the darkness of our shadows is finally slowing down. I hope that you all have been able to find the gold within the darkness. To know that you are at your core whole and worthy. Even the bitter, angry, jealous, cruel portions are there to support and heal you. To show you the areas in your life that must be addressed.


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