New Moon in Capricorn: The Value of Your Talents

Greetings beloveds!

This new moon is ruled by Earth energy. Not only is this moon in Capricorn but it is joined by Pluto, the Sun, and Saturn in the 6th house then Mercury in the 5th house. 6th house energy calls our attention to discernment, knowledge, talents, and learned skills. This placement of planets suggests that now is a wonderful time to access our current skills:

Your close friends or social circle may be able to help you identify these skills or have ideas on where you can build or use these skills.

Concentrate on ways to bring comfort to others and yourself. Things that provide safety, nurturing, and a space where folks feel that they can be their true selves.

If you find that you have a difficult time with this process this indicates shadow work surrounding root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakra characteristics. An exploration of how to integrate and acknowledge these truths can be obtained through reflection upon the reasons why you would not be interested in using your talents to assist others. Are there fears around this surrounding you not being worthy or good enough to help others? An idea that others are not deserving of this assistance? Or perhaps you have tried this before and was unsuccessful. A fear of humiliation, failure, judgement, and shame cloud your drive to follow your purpose. Through shadow work you can acknowledge the drive behind these barriers and find ways to use them to your benefit.

This reflection and shadow work are grounded in mindfulness, meditation, and ritual. Being willing to sit with your dreams, fears, and ask for divine assistance takes a level of trust and acceptance that Capricorn energy is uniquely built to support. Capricorn is represented by the goat-fish. A being that is grounded in earthly energy of hard work and perseverance while also being able to navigate the depths of our emotions and subconscious. This is the energy of devotion which comes from communion with Spirit and building a relationship of trust.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


November Astrology: The Power to Change

November Planetary Placements


Can you believe that it’s already November. 2018 flew by and I know for many of us we could not be happier to move along this year. This November is all about self worth and healing. What has been holding you back? What are the unconscious scripts that guide your life? With all the talk of shadow work it might seem like this is something that can be done quickly or once you have done this bit then you’re finished. Shadow work is just like any other form of personal development. It never ends. The more we bring to light more shadow we cast. This is a marathon not a sprint. So we move forward sometimes quickly sometimes slow as molasses. How quickly we change does not matter, it’s the work that matters most.

Let’s get into some highlights of Novembers’ Astrology

November 6- Uranus square True Node, True Node enters Cancer, Uranus retrograde enter Aries

I’ve talked about this before last year but it’s here!! You ready for change, cause it’s ready for you. Swallow your pride and go into your fears today. Here’s what we can do to best utilize this energy. My faves Caroline Elliot uses this in her course Influence and Amber Khan is currently taking folks through this process in reference to the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. It’s creating your new life through actively seeing it as you want it to be on a “movie screen” in your mind. More importantly, Amber emphasizes the importance of rewriting what I call, our life scripts to better fit what you desire to accomplish.

The best way I’ve enjoyed describing this process is that you are an actor. You have been hired to play a role so you head in to read the script. You receive a character profile with all the personality traits and characteristics of who you will be playing. Then you get the script which has all the details of what will happen to your character. This is only the first season or movie in the cinematic universe so there’s space for the character to grow and change. This character interacts with others and through this interaction their life unfolds with twists and turns. Yet, they remain true to their character profile. Suppose though that there is a major event that happens in the world. Characters will be impacted, the story will change. Your work will adapt yet, your character profile will remain the same. Perhaps, you decide that it’s time for your character to change. You want to react in a way outside of your nature. You see potential for your character so you start to slowly incorporate changes. Next thing you know you’re character has evolved and the story that was written out no longer makes sense. So it changes again.

Your personality is the character profile, you are the actor , and your life is the story. When you decide to make a change if you do not change your character profile your personality and identity stays the same. Your story remains on track. So we must change our profile and we do that through placing ourselves into the movie of our lives. We live out our desired life through visualization. When you encounter resistance, breathe through it. You are worth the work it will take to rewrite your character profile and update your script.

Go, imagine, be.

Kamilah Rose



Fall Equinox Reading: Reaping Abundance

Copy of Autumn Equinox

Welcome to fall lovebugs!

It’s pouring rain as I write. The days are getting shorter and the temps are slowly dropping. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, and soups of every kind are advertised everywhere. Although, it was still summer, the stores have been full of fall décor. Energetically, we are slowing down. Taking more time to see, feel, and be in the world around us. We move from our external to an internal focus. It calls us to see ourselves as more than feeling beings but thinking logical persons who can take their emotions and will power to turn it into more. To be more than just selfish beings that live for creating an amazing world for themselves but a General Reading.

This fall look at the areas of your life where you are flourishing. Have you been writing, drawing, working on a business, decorating, saving up funds for a trip or purchase. Whatever you have been working towards over the past 2 seasons is starting to blossom into a bountiful harvest. At this time, clear out what you picked up over the summer that is taking your attention but not building towards your greater goals.



October sees us prospering! We are growing, expanding and dreaming of even more ways to bring more love, money, and community into our lives. But are you too comfortable? Are you afraid to break out of your routine to see what else might be available for you? This is a time to explore your perspective towards limits. When we avoid or resist expansion we are expressing that we do not trust ourselves or the universe to provide. Examine where you can grow and begin to put out some feelers. You never know what can come from taking a step on faith.


November shows us the power of community and networking. We are not solitary beings even if we do not have many human connections, the plant and animal kingdom are just as important to our well-being. Take time to build and support your community. As we enter into the season of thanksgiving, give thanks for things big and small that bring you joy. The more that you express how much you enjoy your life and world the more that you will receive more positive experiences. At best, it will make the negative experiences less impactful.


We focused on our community in November and now as we are in the depths of the underworld we are called to look at our personal stories. This month write down you current life story. What happens to you during the day? What thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations did you experience today? Now, around the 20th as we get closer to the winter solstice, spend a day or so dreaming of what you would like your life to look like. Write out what a day, week, month, or even a year would look like for you if you were living completely from a space of expansion and love. Find items that represent this energy and place them on your persona altar to be energetically charged over the winter.

This is a season of getting our thoughts clear. I love you.

Kamilah Rose

The Enchanted Hearth: Using Your Space to Manifest Your Goals

Space and Goals

Greetings beloveds,

I have been reviewing my goals and what I want. It is valuable to do this often as it ensures that you remain on a path that is taking you towards what you desire. It is not about being overly particular or analytical it is about staying aware. Learning how to go with the flow. This summer we have reviewed many ways to align with the element of water which rules this season. Now, we will look at how to utilize the energy of our space to assist us in manifesting our goals.

First, become aware of your space. You can find the energy of the spaces of your home by laying the Lo Shu Square across your living space and seeing what areas fall into which categories. For me, I will include the entire northern portion of my home which holds the knowledge, career and business, and helpful people energetic centers. I will also want to pay attention to the southern left and center portion of your home as that is where the abundance and fame portions are. The Southern left corner of abundance and wealth must always be well taken care o

  1. Keep these spaces clear of clutter, dirt, or discarded items. It will clog up the movement of energy for you.

The north center portion of your home is the obvious portion to work on if you are wanting to improve your business and career. Place plants there that will thrive. Use gold and green to decorate that space along with any other color that is associated with the career that you are in. For me, I am looking to increase my reach, my revenue, and clarify my products. I am going to saturate this area of my home which is my front door with rose gold, gold, and white for attraction. The knowledge portion of your home will assist you with learning any of the skills or talents necessary to achieve your goals. Place books, maps, or anything that is associated with what you need to learn about in that section to feed the energy of improvement. Lastly the helpful people section of your home is all about networking and connections which will assist you in manifesting your desires. Often, we think that we have to do it all. That we are the only ones who can make a way for ourselves. That is just not true. There is a role that you must play in all of this but there will always be others who can help carry the load or open doors. You are never in this alone.

Second, use pictures of exactly what you want to manifest into that space. You can create a vision board or any images that you have which are aligned with your goals. I have 3 vision boards that are complete with a 4th that I am still working on. I have found that the clarity that I have on what I desire determines the ability to create a board that reflects the energy of bringing me into alignment with my goals. I will review these during my birthday as I already know some revisions that need to be made. Always keep up with what you are putting out there that you desire.

Third, set an intention in your space. Ask for what you are desiring. Put it out there. We can be so afraid to ask for our dreams because we do not want them to not come true or to feel that we have failed. It’s Leo season!! Be brave beloveds and stretch yourself.

Finally, maintain your space. Keep this space clean, the symbols up to date, and renew your intention over time. Do this periodically perhaps with the cycle of the moon reviewing and cleansing this space every full and new moon.

Let me know how using your space to manifest your goals works for you!


Summer Solstice 2018: The Value of Being Real

Copy of Summer Solstice

Greetings beloveds,

It’s SUMMER SOLSTICE!! In general, this time of the year is all about nurturing the seeds that we have planted during the spring. It’s a time when the world feels alive. The sun is high overhead, the days are longer, the air hot, and the waters are cool. Summer brings us the light side of winter. Remember when you faced your shadow last winter? This season, it’s your shadow’s turn to ask who are you? What does your conscious self want? To find what your shadow wants, you look at the things you manifest which you do not want. To see what your conscious self wants you look at what manifests that you DO want. The things that make you feel happy. When the sun is high we see the world and what we present to the world. A moment when we fully see our conscious manifestations. In astrology it would be equivalent to the ascendant in astrology. To learn more about the energy of summer check out my post about Flowing with the Season.

Summer is ruled by the element of water and the astrological sign of Cancer. The water element allows the flow of change to move us from where we have been to new destinations/destiny’s. This could be in the ease of a lazy river, the deluge of a flood, or the abrupt wall of a tsunami crashing down upon us. This summer we take the clarity and experiences we gained this spring and use them to create new streams of income. Many folks have changed jobs, gained promotions, and started new businesses. Perhaps you received some guidance on your overall purpose. At the very least we know what we DO NOT want. How we will go about finding, developing, or nurturing these new financial related ventures? Through connecting to our creative center, the sacral chakra. Any exercises or work you can do related to your sacral chakra will assist you in birthing these dreams from last winter into reality to be harvested in the fall. The sacral chakra is our creative, manifesting, center. It is near the womb and encompasses our ability to channel energy up from the earth and down from the heavens into this plane. It is a magical space but when we ignore or fill our sacral chakra with obligations, restrictions, or rules we lessen our ability to really see all that we can be. Choose your desire, feed it, water it, nurture it and work that sacral chakra.


The divine feminine is here to assist you with this manifesting moment. Clear out what you do not need and make way for new growth. This could come in the form of a feminine identifying person, place, or system. Watch for symbols associated with the feminine to guide you and offer affirmation that you are on the right path. On a practical note, be wise and follow your intuition. If you follow your intuition it will lead you. Worrying about am I doing this right? Is this where I’m supposed to be? CONFUSION is a sign that you are not connecting to your soul, higher self, shadow, and Spirit. Sit down and listen. When you get that filling to go then go.


Hello retrograde season! Planets are in full affect right now. There are obstacles you are experiencing. These may feel overwhelming but do not give up. Anytime we meet resistance, slow down. Just as you meet your shadow in the winter, meet your conscious in the summer. Face the things that you have done and the seeds you have sown. Know that you are doing your work and stay in your lane.


From the pain, from the loss comes those who have your back. There are new partnerships, friendships, human, spirit, and plants are coming forth to show how blessed you are. Join with those that sparkle like the ocean at high noon.


This will be a summer of change, growth, and transformation. Be open, be ready and love yourself fiercely.

-Kamilah Rose

There’s a New World Coming: New Moon and Uranus in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

Today we have a new moon in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is our first Earth sign of the western astrological zodiac. It takes that go go go energy of fiery Aries and grounds it into practices to be implemented. The energy of the cardinal sign Aries is to get us started. It pushes us outside of our winter cocoons to bring us back to life. Taurus is a mutable sign which means that it stabilizes the energy of Aries. It grounds our sense of self into our bodies and world around us.

Taurus is traditionally associated with the planet Venus. They naturally find the beauty in others, themselves, and the world around them. Taurus is associated with the Bull as they can be stubborn, set in their ways, and determined. This allows for them to have tremendous willpower. They set their mind to achieving a goal and will do so without being deterred.

This new moon, there is an energetic shift taking place with Uranus with moving into Taurus. I’ll share more about that later. With that, not everything will be clear right now. Not everyone moves with integrity and truth. There may be people around you who are not working with your best interest at heart. Or you may be deceiving yourself. Regardless, there is deception occurring somewhere. Be mindful of your relationship to money, ancestral wealth, heritage, and CHANGE. If you are resistant to our economy or currency changing this is a really good time to examine why.

  • Are there ideals associated with money or wealth that you are attached to?
  • Does the idea of living in an economy not based on paper currency worry you?
  • Do you diversify your income/saving/investment options or do you save all your money in a mattress?
  •           Do you place the value of your life and resources over others?
  • Do you reject the material realm because it is the “root of all evil?”.

Change is coming to the way that we interact with money and resources. Things will look different and there may be sudden changes to our society especially in terms of electronic finances, technology, and our perception of resources. Things that you trusted are going to be revealed to be shadows of what we thought they were.

Change is coming to the way that we interact with money and resources. Things will look different and there may be sudden changes to our society especially in terms of electronic finances, technology, and our p.png

The new moon in Taurus wants you redefine what you value. It must be based on love. Cosmic, universal love. One where resources are available to all which aligns with the energetic truth that we are in a universe of ABUNDANCE. When we fear and act on the energy of lack, loss, not enough, and distrust we limit our ability to access all that is available to us. It’s time to release outdated paradigms which says we cannot give to others because then there won’t be enough left for me. Or the more insidious paradigm of “we only get what we earn”. Again, these are limiting thoughts because you deserve everything. It is promised to you that you will be cared for.

Move into abundance. You are limitless. You are abundant. You are wealthy. You are Divine! You are courageous! Ground yourself in compassion, empathy, love, nurturing, and self-care. This will be the new foundation of how and why we work. Karen Parker with Human Design for Everyone stated that, “Taurus is a sign of mutation. It is a strange sign that nurtures the seed of new beginnings”.

Taurus calls us to ground our beliefs and practices in what we CAN be. Do you know what you desire? What really makes you feel secure? What your soul purpose is? Take some time to sit down and write this out. If you have not already set SMART goals and objectives write them out. Create a loose plan and then like a Taurus stick to it. Things may be uncomfortable but as Anais Nin said, “the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful then the risk it took to blossom”. We are breaking out of a shell so be gentle with yourself and be gentle with each other.

Correspondences Adapted from Moon Magick by D.J. Conway

Nature Spirits: Faeries, elves, Earth related beings

Herbs: Patchouli, bergamot, elder, rose, mugwort, thyme, yarrow

Colors: Green, brown, pink, gold

Flowers: Lily of the valley, foxglove, rose,

Scents: Rose, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Bergamot


Abundance: Emerald, Malachite, Jade, Amber, Pyrite, Citrine, Carnelian, Diamond, Topaz

Grounding: Red Jasper, Red Coral, Fire Opal, Smoky Quartz, Fire Agate, Cat’s Eye, Bloodstone, Brown Spinel, Brown Tourmaline

Deities: Bast, Venus, Aphrodite, Maia, Diana, Artemis, Pan, Horned God

Saturn in Capricorn: Bondage, Kink, and Forgiveness Oh My

Greetings beloveds,

Let’s cut to the chase. I was was not looking forward to Saturn returning home to Capricorn. All my fire and water energy was like, “ewww stability, creating a foundation, working on my finances??? Gross.”

And yet, Shadow Kamilah was like “ohhh look at all this lack, scarcity, and financial bondage you can put yourself into. Let’s do it!”

How did I bring my light and shadow side onto the same page?


Starting with number one: forgiving ourselves.

Forgive yourself for:

  • goals you did not meet
  • secrets you did not keep
  • stories you did not share
  • lies you told (to yourself and others)
  • lies you believed
  • things you stole
  • things you lost
  • mistakes you made
  • dreams that did not come true
  • people you’ve hurt (including yourself)

The list goes on and on. Anything that you are consciously and unconsciously punishing yourself for…let that shit go. Even if you deserve it, because sometimes we do crappy things. Sometimes we are mean, selfish, hateful, or spiteful. Do you forever punish yourself for these things or do you change? The best apology is to not do what you did again. Apologize to yourself by being and doing better. One small step at a time.

See while I was finishing up the amazing Influence Course by Carolyn Elliott I subsequently listened to an interview with Anaiya Sophia where the closing remarks discussed forgiveness as a way of releasing attachment. My goal for 2017 was to get my business off the ground. I created products, the Sovereign Moon online course, a system for the blog, and a bi-weekly tarot meet up. Yet, I still am not where I want to be financially. What is the blockage? What is the barrier to my tapping into success?

Then it clicked. There is a direct line between my attachment to scarcity, lack, fear of success, self-judgement and my financial status. This attachment has turned into a form of bondage. I am bound through fear to this current financial state. Bondage that my shadow LOVES. There are choices that I have made that were not the best. I have carelessly spent over a hundred grand on frivolous items and experiences. Trying to be “normal and fit in”. Then I had just enough money to pay my phone bill, food, and gas to get to school while living with my parents. No investments other than my education. I look back now thinking of the trips I could have taken, businesses I could have started, real estate I could have bought and how my world right now would look very different. There is no way of knowing where I would be if I had made those choices but what I do know is that that road at that time led to a life I do not want. A world of 9 to 5 jobs, mortgage payments, 2.5 kids, a spouse, PTA meetings, family vacations, and church on Sundays. A beautiful life, but not MY LIFE.

The life I wish for is full of magic and wonder. Travel to different destinations, early mornings, last minute trips, a house with a retreat center, witchcraft, divination, writing, research, love, and passion. A life of adventure with perhaps children and spouse…perhaps not.  Definitely filled with love, freedom, and a quest for knowledge. That is the life I want.

On October 16, 2017 I turned 30. I spent my birthday alone in Chickasaw Country. I rose every morning around 5:30 to watch the sunrise and hike. I swam in the heated pool and lounged in the spa tub followed by the dry and wet sauna. I meditated everyday. I wrote everyday. I visited the chocolate store and the spice/tea shop to buy yummy treats for myself. It was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. That summer I visited Puerto Rico. In November I saw the Black Madonna in San Antonio. Over Christmas the Black Madonna in San Juan, Texas. Next year I return to France for another Mary Magdalene tour. In the Fall, I plan to return to school to pursue a graduate degree (yes another one) in counseling psychology. I spend my free time writing, creating, reading, and exploring. It is MY LIFE. The life I want except for 2 things: Financial freedom and love.

Financial freedom and love would mean that all those poor choices I’ve made weren’t that bad. It would mean that I’m not that bad. It would mean I am worthy and deserve to have what I want. It would mean that I would have to forgive myself for what I had done, what others have done to me, and for what I may do in the future. It would mean that I can fail or succeed and either way I will survive. Hell I will probably thrive because I’m being authentic. When we settle, we are lying to ourselves, others, and the universe. Those lies just add to the ties that bind us to our fears.

Forgive yourself. Forgive your debts you have not paid or cannot pay. Forgive yourself for the choices you did or did not make. Stop punishing yourself with lack luster relationships, jobs, obligations, goals, and actions. Flip the script and create attachments to that which brings you joy. Punish yourself with happiness. Don’t wait for God or the universe to forgive you. They never judged you to begin with – there was never anything to forgive. There were just choices you made with different outcomes. The universe is waiting on you to forgive yourself. Release yourself from your bonds.

Lol my safe word for 2018 is forgiveness. It’s time, use it.




New Moon in Capricorn: Get Your Money Right

New Moon Readings (1)

Greetings beloveds,

Happy New Moon! It’s the first new moon of 2018 and it will not disappoint. This new moon let’s talk finances and security. Whether you are unemployed, living paycheck to paycheck, middle class, or have a lavish lifestyle, our society functions through an exchange of currency. What’s your relationship like with money? Do you find that it leaves just as quickly as it arrives? Are others always asking you for loans and never paying you back? Or do you have a hefty savings and make investments that continue to grow your assets? This new moon if you’ve been working on your relationship to money, worth, and wealth its time to take it up a notch. By that I mean let’s get practical. Build skills, take classes, read books, put what you learn into practice.

The feminine is in her power. Luxuriating in the depths of the underworld she gestates waiting to be reborn. She stands at the cross roads beckoning you to come forth with her. To leave the space of deceit and abuse to be your pure self. The winds of change are here. They are blowing in without hesitation. If you find that you have had a hard time releasing a person, place, thing, or behavior there is spiritual support for you. I for one have a hard time letting go of relationships whether friends, lovers, or even jobs. I want to keep trying and not be a “failure”. What it really boils down to is I’m way to concerned with what others think of me. Yupp, my shadow loves to compare myself to others. Eventually, I get to the point where I realize this situation is just not healthy for me or them/it. Had I spoken up early on things would not have gotten where they eventually end up.

This new moon, take a moment and find your power. From that space speak your truth. There is a certain charm that comes from being honest with our self and others. It is the grace of the fool with the wisdom of the hermit. Apply this power to your relationship with money and security. Our finances are just like any other mirror. They reflect how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. There are of course things out of our hands such as the family we are born into, our race and gender expectations. Each of these effects how we interact with the world. What we may initially believe that we can achieve. Some write their own stories. Create their own reality. Some the pieces never fall into place and they find themselves reliving the patterns of their family, race, and society. What can you control? What can you practically change?

  • Take account of your financial status:
    •  Income
      1. Passive and active
      2. How can you diversify your income?
    • Bank accounts: Savings, spending
    • Investments
    • Retirement Accounts
  • Create Financial Goals:
    • SMART goals create a road map to take you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Learn from the Pros!

Above all else: Know your worth-harness your power-refuse to settle


Winter Solstice 2017 Love Reading: Rest, Abundance, and Birth

Winter Solstice Love Reading

Merry Winter Solstice beloveds,

Today we look at the energy of love for the winter season. Over the past year many have experienced shifts in their relationships with themselves and each other. If you are finding that your heart is in need of care practice heart opening exercises and rituals. Love is always seeking us out. Doing whatever is necessary to let us know that we are loved and cared for. This winter, embrace your soul mate. This could be you and your soul uniting, your light and your shadow, a romantic, platonic, family, or other type of relationship. Do not limit your thoughts of love to just romantic or sexual partnership. There are so many ways that we express love. Perhaps you have animal friends, places in nature, books, cars, or even tv shows that make your soul and heart fill with light. That is love. Be there and hold that space within you.

January: The theme for Winter overall focuses on taking time off to come back into alignment with yourself. Make space for yourself. Rather that’s quiet time in the morning, during the day, or at night make yourself a priority. You have done quite a bit of work this year and it’s time to let all of that be set in your mind, body, and soul. There is magic in between the breath. Span that moment into eternity. Rest.

February: You’ve taken the time to relish the pause. Your breath is deep and filling. You close your eyes and memories of your life spring forth. Images of you in your perfect for you life surround you making you gleam with light. When you open your eyes, does the external world reflect what you saw? Were they memories of what could be or what is? I know that following your dreams can be intimidating and scary but so is the thought of never taking that chance. During your time of rest and rejuvenation focus your energy on that life, on your purpose, on your spirit. Focus there until it becomes second nature. Soon it will be time to move these dreams from the astral realm to this one.

March: Winter is coming to an end. The sun is shining and the days are becoming longer. What did you dream of over the last two months? It is time to move from visualization to actualization. The time of gestation has allowed for the details of what you desire to become clear. You have worked out different paths and ways that this could come forth. You’ve experienced synchronicities which have helped to show you the way. Do you feel the tension rising? The energy quickening. Your breath becomes deep and fast. You feel the desire to push this new life, idea, perception out into the world. Prepare, take a deep breath, and release.


Winter Solstice Reading 2017: The Art of Receiving

Winter Solstice GeneralGreetings beloveds,

We have reached the point in the year where time stands still. We are within the underworld beyond the 8th gate. Tapped into the energy of pure creation. Over the last season what did you find has come to manifestation? You may be thinking nothing was manifested for me. Yet every moment that we exist the world is reflecting back to us what we (along with every other being) have been desiring. Perhaps your shadow has brought you situations that make you very uncomfortable. This is a time of growth. Winter 2017 will release distractions so that we can see what we have sown clearly.

For myself, this Fall I found that I manifested a circumstance through which to face the reality of who I am and what I want. Over the summer I released a relationship that no longer served me as I usually do once I feel that that is the action to take. What I did not realize was there was another relationship that needed to be released that I could NOT let go of in the way I usually do. I could not just stop talking to this person and move on with my life. Well I could but it would have taken a large bit of action on my part to let go of the overall relationship that I no longer desired. I was not ready to do so yet. Therefore, because I would not let go, had not established proper boundaries, and did not want to confront the issue that I created a toxic environment for this other person as well. Now I am reconciling. The difference in this cycle is the wisdom that I have. I realized how I had felt the way this person felt before feeling as if someone was against me when they were either unbothered or frustrated with the state of their own life. As I had desired for this person to become their true self, this was me needing to be my true self. I needed to own who I was, what I wanted, where I was. The focus on the other was a distraction.

If you find yourself feeling distracted or facing your shadow head on in a way that you cannot get away from them, turn to them and say what do you want from me? What is it you want? Then turn inwards and ask yourself, what do I want? Who am I and who do I want to be? This Winter we will be able to reap the rewards of the work we do if you are willing to face the shadow before attempting to turn into the light.


This January, take time to relax and come back to yourself. When you are in the flow you are in the state of receiving. The universe may well be trying to send you everything you desire and yet in your efforts to “fix” things you are blocking your blessings. They will still arrive but perhaps not as quickly or quite in the fashion they could have had you been open and willing. You may feel the call to set new intentions and goals for the new year. Make one of those goals meditation. Find the stillness in the time when the world is lodged in the dark. Turning towards the light and waiting rebirth.


Pack your bags loves it’s time to take a trip! Perhaps a vacation, day trip, or even a couple of hours of your day to see something new that will rejuvenate you. You may also find yourself moving jobs, homes, or vehicles. Be open to the change. Be open to the calling. Follow the energy and move. As they said, when I move you move, just like that.


The time of fruition is upon us! March is here and the winds of abundance are bringing a financial windfall. All the work you’ve been doing will pay off and you will see the fruits of your labor. This can be an intoxicating experience. You feel powerful and joyful at your circumstances. Take heed though, do not stop growing because you have found a place of abundance. There is always more that lies beyond the gate but you must be willing to open the door and allow in. Practice the art of receiving. Journal, practice forms of divination, dance, do art, gather with friends and loved ones, do what you need to to open yourself up to moving beyond the fear that could keep you where you are because you have become comfortable.


Winter is a time of rest and reflection. Give yourself that gift because shortly you will feel the push. The tension, the desire to rise and be born again.

Merry Winter Solstice