December Astrology Part 1: Right Side Up


December 1- Mercury Retrograde enters Scorpio:

We all know the retrograde spiel by now, especially with Mercury. Lags in communication, understanding, traffic issues, travel issues, blocks to your creativity, not being able to make progress on projects. All of these are elements associated with the planet Mercury and when any planet is in retrograde we see that energy slow down or become resistant. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio may find us diving deeply into metaphysical, philosophical, or areas that we just want to know more about. Yet, we may not find satisfying answers or information. Perhaps that book that has exactly what you are looking for is checked out of the library or the web page won’t load. You may also find that you are in a continuous dive. You become obsessed with a topic or issue to the point where you forget to accomplish or ignore other responsibilities. The key to this time is to HAVE FUN WITH IT. Don’t take anything too seriously. If you come across resistance just let it go. Mercury is only in retrograde for a couple of more days. You can do it! 

December 2 – Venus enters Scorpio: 

As Christina Aguilera said “wanna get dirty, it’s about time for my arrival”, Venus has officially entered Scorpio. Deep connections, secrets told between the sheets, kinks, and spiritual healing are all a part of Venus in Scorpio energy. This is the seductress or charmer. They pull you in through their mystery. Something that just makes you want to know more…about yourself, about the world, about each other. Coupled with Mercury in Retrograde you may find yourself obsessing over a project, passion, goal, or person. Thinking of them constantly or wanting to be near them often. Healthy ways to express this are through art, exercise, and other forms of creative expression. Because you do not want to test the Scorpion so best to give that energy space to be free in yourself and others. 

Once Mercury goes direct on the 6th this is a great time to engage in magic practices that engage your senses. Eat decadent flavorful foods. Wear or touch fabrics that give you physical reactions. Use scents that create the feelings that you would like to manifest. Watch or visit beautiful movies and places. Listen to music or have conversations that gets your blood pumping. These elements can also help you to soothe and heal you if during this time you encounter painful emotions, memories, or information. 

December 6th – Mercury goes Direct

FINALLY! We will be in the shadow of Mercury retrograde for a bit longer but things will start to flow again. Take advantage of the information gathering and start making those plans!

Check out the rest of this month’s astrology in my upcoming posts. 

-Kamilah Rose 

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