Of Shadow and Light: Osiris – Set – Horus the Elder

The Grain God and Ruler over the Underworld, Osiris ruled over Egypt with his beloved Isis working to create a community of prosperity. He was the energy of the life-giving grain that came from the rising waters of the Nile (Isis).

God of Metal, Disease, and Boundaries, Set ruled over a portion of Egypt committed to avenge his mother and one day rule all of Egypt. Set is the energy of the desert and the draught. A space that requires tenacity to for one to survive. He is the energy that signals the end of an era.

Two sides of one coin – the third being the air of wisdom that binds them together – Horus the Elder

Dualism asks us to pit them against each other as opposed to seeing them as the same being. There is much we can learn from Osiris and Set, just as we can from Isis and Nephthys.

As we are conditioned in this world, we embrace whichever brother we feel will serve us best.

Some Osiris – Some Set – Some Horus

Earth – Fire – Air

Yet, we need them all, just as they need each other. As we move towards the season of death and the underworld, as it seems that evil is increasing in our world, what lens do you find yourself using?

Osiris- Curious and wanting to join with his brother in celebration

Set – Planning and ready to take what he feels is his

Horus – Detached

We are about to cut down the grain. Osiris will fall. We will gather at the table to partake of his harvest and give thanks for what we have learned. Set takes the throne and the harshness of the world takes over. We sharpen our weapons and light fires to ward against the coming cold.

Isis searches for Osiris in mourning for what was lost. Yet, there is hope in the darkness for Osiris lives. He rests in the hollow of the tree, acting as a great pillar holding us together. Isis releases him, taking him through the rites of resurrection.

Set smells the scent of fertile ground and again Osiris falls. Again, Isis searches for him. She is not alone this time though, for Nephthys joins her. They find him, placing him back together- piece by piece. Life returning once more for a moment to bring forth his son – Horus the Younger.

And thus, Orisis finds himself in the underworld. He watches as Set is blessed. Set sits on his throne and when his time comes to an end, he will take his place in Ra’s chariot.

Osiris will not have this honor. He has another role to fulfill. To create a place for those to rest with him. Even in death, he is King.

Sometimes we want to divide ourselves. To fit into a certain image, expectation, or role. Yet, we are all these things – Osiris, Set, Isis, Nephthys, Horus- the Elder, Horus the Younger, Ra, Geb, Nut- the list goes on and on.

Osiris as God of Life and Death grants us the opportunity to expand our vision of ourselves. Past what we thought we would or could be. To find acceptance of others, even if that means they are no longer in our life.

To shift, pivot, and adapt to our current circumstances even when it seems that all is lost.

Again, we find life.

Again, we find our purpose.

As much of our lives change and we find ourselves in the underworld, we are brought face to face with our shadow. In this strange place, we find a new world. A new start.

Welcome to the Underworld.

The land of shadow and shade.

Let us get this Twilight Work


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