Full Moon in Aquarius: Temperance of the Heart and Mind

Photo by Miriam Espacio on Pexels.com

Sun and Mars in Leo (opposition to the Moon and Saturn)

                Hello sunshine! We have a dynamic duo in Leo with the Sun and Mars. This is amazing and excellent energy. I mean if you aren’t having a good time this full moon, I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself. If you’re feeling little blue, because sometimes when you’re called to step up and shine brightly that can be intimidating if we are more of a behind the scenes kind of person. This is the best part about this energy as most folks believe that Leo’s are natural extroverts who love being showered in attention. That can play out in many different ways though and does not necessarily mean being the main character. In fact, many like to use their charm and powers to assist others. It makes them feel seen, helpful, and they still gain the accolades that they crave.

                Thus, you may be stepping into center stage, but most likely, you will be called to show up in your relationships with others. Stating your needs, your desires, and advocating for those that you care about. This will be challenged by the opposing Moon and Saturn in Aquarius. Expressing your emotions may take more work than what you are used to because there will be a call to intellectualize things. To rationalize away your feelings because you feel like others will not understand you or feeling like you lack the vocabulary to articulate how you feel. Partner that with Saturn reverse and it feels especially heavy and cumbersome to focus on your feelings when you could be getting work done to fix ALL THE THINGS that you have found to be holding you back from making progress in your life (hint hint: it is your lack of communication and community).

                Leo gives us courage. It helps us to see that without us, the world would not be the same. Thus, we cannot go hide in the shadows. There’s work to be done and Leo will make sure it is taken care of because that is what they do. Without the sun where would we be? If you are having a hard time with this, tap into Aquarius, which has identified what needs to be done and decided how to complete it.

Moon and Saturn in Aquarius

                We’ve spoken about the moon and Saturn in Aquarius a bit already. Here’s a little bit more about this energy. This will be a full moon that focuses on the connection between our mind, spirit, and emotions. We see this coming into focus through the opposition to the Sun and Mars in Leo. Leo’s are motivated by their feelings, particularly those that are powerful and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones. Leo is the fire needed to get Aquarius out of their heads and into action creating the changes that they have envisioned for the world. This allows for our mind to express itself through the fire of spirit supported by our emotions.

Mercury in Cancer

                Oh you thought I was joking when I said this would be an emotionally expressive full moon. We even have Mercury in Cancer, which is all about expressing our feelings, particularly those around what makes us feel secure. Feelings, security, family, origin, legacy. It’s all tied together this full moon in the signs of courage and temperance.

                If you have not, please review attachment theory. I’m writing this a bit before the actual full moon. There’s a lot of discourse around relationships, as usual. I would like to point to the importance of understanding your attachment style, your awareness of your emotions, and your ability to communicate those feelings to others. When we have not done the work to identify these areas of our life, we are missing a great part of the healing process.

Opposition to Pluto in Capricorn

                Pluto is reversed in Capricorn, this is kind of like when Inanna was hung upon the meat hook in the underworld for three days waiting for Ninshubar to gain favor with Inanna’s fellow Gods and save her from her fate. We are chilling in the underworld, sitting in the Earth and examining the work that we need to accomplish.

  • What has brought us here?
  • How do we change what has happened to us?
  • Above all else, this story highlights that this cannot be done on our own. We will need help from the people who care about us.
  • It does not get much more Leo and Aquarius than that.

Venus in Virgo (opposition to Jupiter/Neptune)

                Venus has moved on to Virgo and this energy has a distinct difference in feel from Venus in Leo. A Virgo Venus is focused on connections assisting in creating the opportunity for order and beauty in their lives. Beauty in the widest theoretical sense. We are talking the science of beauty, the math of beauty, the perfection of beauty. Virgos are our assessors. They review of the experiences that we have had in order to find the areas that can be improved and who needs assistance. This can also mean that they take on relationships that are projects. It helps them to focus their energy, particularly when they are desiring to avoid their own problems that she should be working on. This full moon we will be in a space to share our love and affection through caring for ourselves and each other.

Venus is still in conjunction to Mars. Venus is in a different sign now because it moves faster than Mars. They are still then forming a super planet. This works wonderfully in tandem with the Leo and Aquarius energy which utilizes community to achieve their goals. Venus brings in big helper energy. Virgo desires to be of service because of its connection to fertility. When we can create and grow, it is easier to see the path of the best way to assist others because you are not held back by limitations. Virgos are grounded in reality, but this is a reality where anything is possible. Leo and Aquarius are dreamers. They are doers, but they are not necessarily finishers. That is where Virgo will come in handy as well. Look to see completion of some of your goals and desires that you have been working on this year.

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces

                Expansion and dreams are still being highlighted with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.

These planets are trine the Sun in Leo and Mercury in Cancer. They work in tandem, supporting each to heal the parts of us that provide our hopes and dreams. The parts of us that may have been tucked away because the world just was not safe enough to be this vulnerable self (see the above commentary on security, attachment style, and shadow work).

Pisces with its connection to the spirt and the soul, is the perfect sign to house these planets as we reform our relationship to the self in order to revolutionize our relationship to the other. All shifts reverberate, from the micro to the macro – from the macro to the micro. As some like reference in the phrase as above, so below. The mundane work that we are doing has a sacred impact on our spirit. A deeper healing then we may be aware of. Thus, no matter whether you feel that getting enough sleep, movement that is available to you, mindfulness and supporting your emotional state are making a significant difference in your life, it is doing more then what you know.

Uranus in Taurus:

I don’t have much to say this full moon about Uranus in Taurus as it is much of the same. This will be a time when it is vital that you reinforce your values through communicating your beliefs, boundaries, and expectations clearly.

Pluto in Capricorn

                I’m only stopping in to comment on Pluto being reversed in Capricorn. Pluto our lovely sometimes a planet, sometimes not, highlights our limited understanding of ourselves at our deepest core and our furthest reaches. We are again held within the underworld. Moving slowly, sometimes even appearing to move backwards. Each step forward towards our great work (look into Steven Forrest for more explanation on the great work), ends up with two steps back. Progress is progress and giving ourselves the space to embrace this shifts our lives tremendously. As always be gentle with yourself and each other.

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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