Freedom from the Cage

Blessings beloveds,

Did everyone make it through the time change yesterday? Yesterday as I was working through some emotions that were coming up as I meditated that morning. At first it felt like waves of heat moving from across my upper back to my lower back. Then a soft warmth moved from the center of my mid-back in concentric circles. So I sat, slowly inhaling and exhaling. Refilling my being with the air that provides me with life and emptying myself of that which is no longer needed. Eventually I felt called to lay down on my back then on my side. As I lay there, I placed my hands gently upon the center of my chest on the heart chakra. Sending soothing streams of love into the center of my heart aritu (chakra) in order to move forward with my feelings.

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This is a simple exercise that I do in order to better integrate my emotions with my physical body. I don’t know if this has happened to any of you all but I have not had the easiest time acknowledging, accepting and working with my emotions. I have often felt overwhelmed by them to a point where I would do anything to distract myself from them. This even applied to feelings of joy and happiness. I was so used to shutting down my feelings that even the one’s that felt good were pushed down. It was too dangerous to let them through because any crack in the seal I had placed upon my heart and soul might let out ALL of the feelings.

But breath work and meditation have helped. As I breathe rhythmically it helps to quell the anxiety that arises from the uncertainty of the impact of the emotions that I am experiencing. If you experience this take some time to breathe. Also if you feel led, seek some professional assistance from a counselor or psychiatrist. I believe that there are many ways to naturally heal ourselves but there are those who will always have more tools to assist us in meeting our health goals. And you can never have too many tools in your tool chest.

What was the result of this exercise? I began to write. But that deserves a post of it’s own.


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