Finishing What We Started

Hello dear hearts!

Today marks the second week of yoga teacher training with our final exam happening on Friday. Am I ready? Well as ready as I will be although there is much time to study so I am not as nervous as I could be.

Here’s what has touched my heart from this course thus far:

We all have a role to play in the world. Quieting our minds and focusing on our actions can bring us closer to understanding what this role is.

Preconceptions of others are lies which are false until proven true. We all hold preconceptions about other people based on appearance, status, or what we’ve been taught. Hone your intuition so that you are able to tell the difference between a false assumption and a true inclination.

Movement is life. Move. However you can whenever you can. Even if it is just a roll of your eyes. Realize also that we are constantly moving. If your heart is pumping, then your blood is flowing and your body is taking in and releasing life giving air. Your physical form is ALWAYS moving. Support it.

Love is all there is.



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