28 Days of Love: The Psychology of Love

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Greetings beloveds,

We’ve talked a bit about how the physical structures of the brain and our thoughts.  Now let’s take a look at our psychology. Psychology being the study of the mind, it only makes sense that understanding how we work as humans can only improve our ability to connect with our self and others. I have always been fascinated with human behavior and how we explain/understand the world. To my younger self experiencing all the many different personality types was the most appealing part of interacting with other. Then to think that you could spend enough time with people to begin to predict and control their behavior?!? It was all too much for my little brain to handle so I dove into old psychology texts devouring the different theoretical frameworks that predominate the psychological world. From clinical, social psych, child development, personality, bio-psych, statistics to so many other areas it seems like every thought and behavior that humans have had (and even some animals) has been studied. Love as a feeling, experience, and biological response has of course been one of the hot topics within psychology with it’s various specialty areas in Human Sexuality or Marriage and Family.

The Myers & Briggs Personality Test

The Enneagram

The True Colors Personality Test

Here are some of the most popular personality tests out there for you to explore if you haven’t already. These tests attempt to categorize people into types in order to assist you and the psychologist in figuring out quickly how you relate to others and yourself. Personality tests are a fun and sometimes useful way to see how compatible you and another person might be. Of course these tests are very generalized and rarely capture the entirety of the human soul/being so they are a starting point at best. But it is better to have a place to start then to not even be in the arena. When it comes to relationships in particular, The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman is one of my favorite go to’s for a simple explanation of understanding what one’s needs are and how to express this to your partner, family, friends, and colleagues. Check these various tests out and let me know what you think. Did you find yourself reading up on other personality types and love languages? Did you recognize these types in the people in your life?

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Before we go let’s talk mental health. Taking time to focus on our mental health should be of the same importance as taking care of your physical health. You are mindful of your eating, movement, emotions and thoughts but when you find that there is a conflict in what you are feeling and thinking to what makes you feel comfortable and able to function in every day life do you seek care as you would with your diet or exercise? It would be wise to do so as all of our being is connected and one area not functioning at its’ best will affect all the other areas as well.



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