28 Days of Love: The Third Eye- The Energy Center of the Mind

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Greetings beloveds,

If you’ve been following our 28 Days of Love, we’ve now covered the physical, psychological, emotional, and mental aspects of the mind. Now let’s take it to the spiritual. Each of the main 7 energy centers or chakra’s for those who may be more familiar with that terminology are connected with a specific portion of the body either directly or adjacent. Here we will look at the energy center that is located directly in the brain, the third eye.

The third eye chakra is located roughly at the center of the forehead near where the pineal gland resides. The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland that is responsible for secreting melatonin. Melatonin is known for regulating sleep cycles in relation to the amount of light that the body encounters. The pineal gland also influences the secretion of sex harmones from the pituitary gland which can result in variations in sexual interest and activities. The pineal gland has been linked to psychic and extrasensory abilities historically. Thus part of the reason the third eye chakra is associated with psychic abilities which I have written about here. It is the portion of our mind which allows for us to gather information through our sensory organs that fall outside of the major 5 senses. When the third eye is activated we may have visions, be able to predict actions/thoughts of others, or be able to manipulate energy kinetically, spatially, or across time. If you find that you are having a difficult time connecting to the flow of energy you may need to do some clearing of your third eye. Now that we know a bit about the third eye chakra let’s take a look at the connection between the heart and the third eye.

Love and extrasensory abilities are not always something linked together. Many times are kept separate with the thought that to harness our psychic abilities we need all of our energy to be focused on our outcome that we wish to achieve. Emotions may then be viewed as distractions with love being the main perpetrator of attachments. This is not entirely correct (although absolute truth lies only in the hands of the self) as our heart can act as a guide to where and how to focus our energy in order to gather information and create change. Recall that psychic abilities such as telekinesis are often triggered by intense emotions. Our emotions can pinpoint our focus in an intense way that even years of training may not be able to accomplish. Our emotions are not distractions. They create leverage for us to tap into our abilities. The things that we care about allow us to build our energy, our power.

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Love is one of the strongest emotions that we experience (only opposed by its polar opposite of fear). When we experience love we can move mountains, change reality, create the world that we envision. Yet the same can all be achieved from fear as well and often times the two emotions are intertwined as our love for another, ourselves, or our world may be activate a fear that they will be harmed or destroyed. Use your emotions as a source of strength. Let’s have a very real moment here. The heart energy center is our emotional center which means it houses ALL of our emotions. We attempt to limit the capacity of the heart an attempt to control our own and others realities and behaviors. Let yourself feel and when something doesn’t feel good move away from that thing. Because you will not outrun fear, shame, or guilt just as you cannot avoid love. They exist in all things.

So if you are afraid of your psychic abilities because you are unsure of your power, have been told they are wrong or “evil”, or you are just not comfortable with the unfamiliar. Embrace that feeling. Hold it in your heart and attempt to see what the root of that feeling is. Accept it and see what happens to your ability to connect to your third eye. Does it feel more open or more cut off? Do you want to connect to it? If so focus on the third eye and ask what is needed to bridge this gap.

Tomorrow I will share a written meditation on how to do this.

With love,



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