Financial Literacy: Embracing the Spirit of Abundance

Greetings beloveds,

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. We are heading into spring and folks are wanting to start cleaning up and clearing out their living spaces. Well here at the Bliss Institute are flipping the script on spring cleaning by embracing the energy  of all that we have available to us, particularly at this time embracing our abundance.

First, getting to know how you function best will be the MOST IMPORTANT part of your abundance journey. I cannot write enough how vital knowing how best we receive information, share information and function with the energy of the universe. This is different for every person. I’ve found that I use a combination of numerology, astrology, akashic records, human design and intuitive/personal connection to create a holistic understanding of how my being functions. Do you what works for you as long as it gets you to space where you understand how to best work with the energy of this universe to tap into abundance.

Here are some energetic descriptors of the types that you may come across:

Do-er: These are generally the fire signs, Manifestors, Manifesting generators, and Generators. Do-ers find that they get the best results when they follow their instincts and take action. This could mean developing a plan of how to reach their goal, making contact with those in the field they are interested in, or anything that let’s their energy lead them where they need to be.

Financial Tools:Budget, Personal marketing and promotion,

Be-er: Earth Signs, Projectors, Reflectors. Be-er’s do best just as their name implies, when they are able to just be. This implies that they are in a calm state of being without a lot of stress. This allows for them to align with their intuition, higher being, and overall energy of the universe. Be-er’s alignment is everything for them. It is the key for not only financial success but success in all forms of manifestation. Finding a way to be present, still and in alignment is helpful for all the types but where it differs for Be-er’s is that they should try to remain in that state until a do-er, thinker or feeler invites them into a state of movement. This can happen in various ways from as small as a smile to actually placing the entire manifestation that they desired for into existence. Already complete and ready to be engaged by the Be-er.

Financial Tools: Budget, 401K Calculator, any future investment tracker

Thinker: Air signs I’m looking at you here, Projectors, Generators, Manifesting Generators. Thinkers live mostly in their thoughts. They are excellent at creating the plans, seeing the designs, and being able to tap into the energetic flow to know exactly what needs to be done to manifest all the things that we all desire. Thinkers love problem solving, dreaming, and ruminating for the sake of it. If you are looking for someone who can see not only what has already happened but the next 100 hundred steps/moves thinkers can tap into that no problem.

Financial Tools: Meditation, Focusing on positive thoughts, mind mapping, vision board

Feeler: Water signs, Projectors, Generators. Feelers are those who are the most in touch with their emotions. In fact it is their emotions/emotional centers that guide them. When something feels good and gives them that warm feeling within that is their sign that they are making the right choice and moving into the right direction. Feelers, much like thinkers and do-ers, are deeply connected to their intuition and the divine energetic flow. Their alignment with their feelings opens them up to information which others may not be as receptive to as they are too involved in their thoughts or actions. When it comes to financial decisions, for the more practical matters such as taxes and such, it may be wise to seek the financial counsel from someone who is able to stay cerebral or very grounded withing their bodies. Investments wise, following their feelings should lead you towards successful ventures.

Financial Tools: Meditation, Focusing on Positive thoughts, Financial advisor, financial management tool, meditation. Basically anything that will let them gain a general understanding of their financial status but not take all their energy UNLESS you feel called to offer financial advising.

Inbetweener: Folks with an even or high distribution of planets in various signs, Reflectors as they are open to receiving and reflecting any type of energy, These are folks who are a mix between one or more of the types.

I hope that this gets you started in figuring out what financial management system may work best for you when taking into account the many facets of your personality. Later, we will discuss in more detail how to create a financial success plan based on the different types.

To limitless abundance,


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