Spring Equinox Love Reading: Embracing Love through Divine Timing

Love Oracle Spring Reading

Greetings beloveds,

Today is a beautiful day to discuss the energy of love this spring. Overall we will be experiencing the energy of miracles and blessings. This calls for us to see the ways that we are blessed in our lives. There is love every where and it is always available to us. I implore you to look for signs over the next season to see the evidence of the blessings that you receive every day. Look for the light and you will find it.

From March 20-April 20 we are being asked to have patience. In general right now the masculine is looking to get in touch with their emotions and thus needing emotional support. This is a time when the usual roles and understanding of gender will no longer be functioning the way we are used to. Thus we are being called to have patience when these changes are taking place. This may not be what you are expecting or wanting but it will be vital for the connection to nature for the masculine to be re-established. I will discuss this later in the masculine reading on Thursday.

April 21-May 20, I hope you built up some patience last month because this month is going to put your patience to the task. You are being called to slow down. There are some really exciting things on the horizon for you and you want things to happen now. All things happen with divine timing and when we are in a rush we tend to miss out on the joy of creating. You’re learning to love yourself, except your role as a creator and learn the wisdom from the ancients, with all of this going on you don’t want to miss a minute. So take your time. Make note of all the magical things that are occurring in your life. Relish in them as this will aid you in any of the conflicts that are coming up during this time.

May 21-June 20, in the last portion of spring you will find yourself in a position to offer support to others. Those around you may need a kind word, advice or just a safe space to speak what is in their hearts. You’ve transformed. You’ve built a new connection to the planet, to yourself, to the masculine, and now your energy is being cleared so that you are able to connect to your cosmic family in a new way. Now that you interact with energy differently, you are also able to see others situations and being for what they truly are. You will have access to how best to support them at this time while still maintaining your sovereignty.

This has been one of my favorite readings for Spring. There is so much love that is here for us. May this Spring bring you all that you desire.



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