Spring Equinox 2017 Feminine and Masculine Energy Reading

Feminine Energy_Spring 2017

Greetings beloveds,

Over the past few days I’ve been sharing the readings that I have done for Spring 2017. They have been beautiful and insightful. I’ll know share with you the feminine energy reading for this season. Overall, we are being called to bring awareness to our breath. We often are not taking full breaths filling and emptying as much as we can our lungs. The exercise for this spring is to practice breathe work, bring awareness to the breath, and through that awareness see our connection to all. Practice deep breathing, meditation, and movement. This will not only improve the quality of your breath but increase the amount of oxygen in your blood improving the overall performance of your physical body. Recognize that the air that you breath isn’t new. It’s been processed before and will be again. You really are literally a part of everything that has ever existed and that ever will exist.

In April, the feminine calls for us to connect to the sea through the use of conchomancy, or using seashells as a form of divination tools. If you can visit a body of water and see if there are any shells there that you connect with. Or perhaps you may want to give a biodegradable gift to the water for the information that is shared through the shells. In the same way that you connect to stones, crystals, plants, animals, and other people take a moment to connect with any seashells that you may have in your home or access outdoors. If you can access the wisdom of water, water creatures, and the ability to flow with the seasons. Then check back here at the Bliss Institute for a post all about conchomancy in our Divination Tools Series next week.

May brings us the energy of Yemaya, An Orisha, or what we may understand as Goddess, of the Yoruba (and other African based belief systems) who is the mother of all which birthed life from the water. Yemaya invites you to recognize the role of creator that we all inhabit. Just as all life comes from the ocean, all that comes into being comes through us as the conduits in connection to Spirit. We do not only birth children though. Thoughts, items, practices, beliefs, and systems are all birthed through the womb of the divine within us. Do not limit yourself to what you can create. Often though, we still subscribe to the belief that the creation of new beings comes along with birthing pangs. That is simply not the truth. What does often occur though is the resistance to change that occupies creation. We must use our connection with our breath to improve our ability to accept the change that is coming. We have the capability to achieve anything if we are willing to hold the space necessary for it.

Well you’ve worked on your breathing, communed with the ocean and gotten in touch with yourself as a creator. Now, just in time for the start of a new season, it’s time to recalibrate your energy completely. You can achieve this through baths, fasts, cleanses, or any other practice that clears your energetic field. This should be a practice that you continue to use with every change of the season to keep your energy flowing and as clear as possible.

Masculine Energy_Spring 2017

Now for the masculine. In the traditional energy of spring, it is time to release that which no longer serves you. This will be the overall masculine energy during spring 2017. If you are worried that your life is changing outside of your control then do not fear, this is the law of cycles in action. All things change and when we resist that change it causes for us to stagnate which may lead partly to the overall spring energy of hostilities particularly for the masculine emotionally. We are here to grow and evolve. Embrace that desire to expand who you are through expression and release.

In April, the energy will center on the connection between the masculine and nature. The masculine has been cut off from nature. The masculine has been pitted as an enemy of the environment who is supposed to control the natural world around them. Recall that we want our lawns MAN-icured and well maintained. We like to domesticate animals to tame them. We must accept that we are all a part of nature. We cannot be tamed or domesticated. Embrace that. See yourself as the trees, the sky, the water, the earth. You are one and the power that exists there exists within you as well. This connection will strengthen your psychic abilities as it improves your connection with the world around you.

May calls for us to hear the ancient ones. Those who have traveled this world before us hold great knowledge and wisdom. It is time to turn to them and learn that which they have to teach. They understood the cycles of nature and how best to utilize them. Now that you have recognized your connection to nature it is time to learn of if it’s wisdom. Seek the elders for they are waiting for you.

Finally, in June you will find that you’ve been transformed through the release of that which does not serve you, you connection to nature, and the wisdom of the ancients. Now it is time for you to take all that you have learned and start anew. Create the world that you would like to see. Be the person that you want to be. No fear. No doubt. As this season draws to a close and a new season begins let a new version of yourself come forth as well.

With love,


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