Spring Equinox 2017: A Time to Embrace Love through Conflict

IMG_20170318_081039_466Greetings beloveds,

Happy Spring Equinox!!! This is such an exciting time of the year. The temperatures are rising, nature is waking up, and the energy is rising. I’ve covered the energy of spring here at my Flowing with the Seasons post. Here’s an except on the Spring Equinox.

The spring equinox is the time of the year when there are equal parts of day and night before the days begin to lengthen bringing us towards the longest day of the year during the summer. From this point on we are solidly within the light. What did you find in the dark of the winter that you now would like to clear out and bring to the light? What did your winter solstice readings suggest would be the best way for you to grow for the upcoming cycles? Spend your spring equinox burning away the old and celebrating the new life that is awakening in whatever way seems best for you.

This spring will be a time to work on embracing what it is that we desire. This will be greatly helpful for us due to the not so great energy that will be present this spring. Moving from winter to spring provides a space to shed light on the areas of our life that continue to require work and attention. This will occur whether one would like it to or not. Spring is about action. It’s the revving of the engine and that spark needed to bring about growth. Aries is the perfect astrological sign to start spring off and explains a bit about of the hostility that is in the air this season. This season we will be dealing with conflict, disagreements and differences in opinions. We are wanting to find balance at this time and bring what we mined during winter to the surface. Well whenever we start to embrace who we truly are, particularly if this is quite different from how we may have previously interacted with others, this can cause a bit of a disturbance. The goal is authenticity and compassion.


In April, (March 20-April 20), we will see this occur  in relation to the masculine deeply exploring their connection to their heart and emotions. If you identify as male this may be a time of uncertainty and conflict if those around you are not use to you holding that space. You may also find yourself dealing with internal conflict as you navigate your own personal stance on emotional expression, heart connection, and masculinity. Your feelings will not be ignored. They are not going away. Do yourself a favor and give them space to guide you. As everyone holds masculine energy we will all be working through how we relate to the masculine as an emotional being. Those who hold a lot of masculine energy will be seeking emotional support and space which may be an unusual place for those who find themselves being called upon to offer this. Take it with stride, have boundaries, and be as compassionate as you can without sacrificing yourself. This may also be a month where if one is interested in dating men, a new man/men may show up.

May, (April 21-May 20) Sticking with the love pattern, May is all about love. First, give love to yourself through acts of self-care, exploration, and boundaries. When we know how our energetic selves function this allows for us to better meet our needs. When our needs are met we are able to have our energy tanks filled. This gives us the ability to give to others, which is where the boundaries come into play. Having firm boundaries will improve your ability to not give more than what you have so you are not drained. Let the feelings of love and compassion extend from yourself to others. Send and receive love as it is our greatest gift available to us. This may again cause internal conflict if you have issues with self-love or do not always have the most loving feelings towards yourself. If that is the case therapy, positive affirmations, diet and exercise may help you with those feelings. If you find yourself setting boundaries in order to prioritize yourself, this may not be what is the norm in your relationships so it could take a bit of time for others to adjust. When love comes knocking, answer the door for yourself, for romantic relationships, for platonic relationships. Let love in wherever you can.

June, (May 21-June 20) So we’ve embraced our emotions within the masculine, showered ourselves and others with love, now we are moving towards looking at the family unit. Improving your communication skills, emotional development, and self-love/care creates a great environment for a happy family to occur. There are growing pains though that precipitate this that may cause a bit of conflict yet you are no stranger to this as the last two months have shown you just how important this work is. A family where you can be emotional vulnerable is a beautiful thing but it is often not the norm. This is the space that we are moving towards in the world. Where we are able to transcend the quiet, detached, emotionally unavailable masculine. Or the emotionally drained, martyred, superwoman, feminine. Together we must work past any limiting identifiers we place on others or on ourselves. When we heal ourselves we heal our families if they are willing or we may find that we must create our own family. Either way we can move towards joy for all when we do the work.

Well this is all for the energetic overview. Tomorrow we will explore more about love energy during the spring equinox.

Have a blessed day full of love and exploration loves.

Always remember to dream!



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