Creating a Lineage of Love

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Greetings beloveds,

I’ve really enjoyed speaking about ancestors and can’t wait to share more with you all. Today I want to share with you all the concept of creating a lineage of love. What is a lineage of love you may ask? We all have desires to be understood, seen and loved. We are trained by our environments to give and receive love in different ways based on our experiences and personalities. As we grow, mature, and age, we find ourselves creating our own families. Bearing children, forming partnerships, designing our own separate lives through which we continue to set roots through which new branches grow.

It is this lineage that I am here to discuss with you. From our roots or ancestors comes energy, patterns, and connections to each other, the land and spirit. We transmute, absorb, and incorporate these things into our lives creating new energy, patterns, and connections. As we do, we must ask ourselves what legacy are we creating? What will those who come after us remember of our energy, love, and beings? If we are to create a world that is loving and kind we must do our best to be that as well. Your children-human, material, or theoretical- will one day tell your stories just as you have gathered the tales of those past. What kind of stories do you want to leave?

Center yourself as best you can within a realm of love, growth, compassion, empathy and kindness. At the same time though do not hide your fear, shame, selfishness, or pettiness, behind closed doors as if that portion of yourself does not exist for your shadows will come to light. They are the tales told of great aunt so and so who baked the most delicious pound cake or family dish but was quick to hit or punish with silence. We cannot hide who we truly are as that is the darkness that passes down through the lines. Your work here is to integrate and therefore be able to share with others how they too can integrate. Thus the stories will shift. To tales of your quick laughter but also your willingness to be vulnerable when you were hurt or sad. How you had to learn to balance your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs so you could do the best you possibly could. In turn they will say and I saw then modeled for me how to do the best I could.

Be mindful of what you leave here in your wake. You are the strength and persistence of your ancestors. One day you too will be an ancestor. So love deeply. Do the best you can. Never stop learning and growing. Lastly, perhaps most important of all, admit when you are wrong, accept your shadow and be as whole as possible.

With love,



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