Full Moon In Scorpio: Completion and Patience

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Greetings beloveds,

It’s finally here! The full moon in Scorpio has arrived and as discussed during the new moon in Taurus this may be a challenging time for those of us who lack the ability to wait because this full moon is all about patience.

Scorpio is the 11th sign of the zodiac and represents a time of recognizing our connection to our shadow. Scorpios, as the second water sign of the zodiac, resides in the depths of our psyche through which we experience the development of our true selves through death and rebirth. As a mutable sign and a water sign, Scorpios are the most flexible and emotionally unstable of all the zodiac signs because they feel so deeply and know so much. You’ll NEVER know this though because Scorpios have a professional poker face. Scorpio’s, similar to Leo’s, are all about people earning their favor and respect. So if you haven’t gotten to that level with a Scorpio yet you won’t know what their true intentions are until they are ready for you to and even then they may not tell you. Because of this mutable watery nature, Scorpio’s thrive in stable but flexible environments. They tend to avoid scenarios where they feel trapped or caged in. On the contrary though, Scorpio’s will dive into a soul connection that they would like to explore fully because they feel it will be challenging, engaging, and worth investigation.

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There’s no point in lying to a Scorpio, they already will know somethings up. Remember they are perpetually attached to the spiritual realm, so if a Scorpio isn’t psychic they will at least have a keen ability to sniff out truth. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpios dive in the depths of our souls and spirits to mine our attachments to each other and our souls desires. If that sounds intense to you then you are on the path of understanding the Scorpion spirit. They are the grim reapers of the zodiac who thrive in the depths of all the things we try to moralize such as death, dying, sex, money, and attachments. Through death we experience a chance to review our lives and redirect our paths. Scorpios serve as mirrors to the rest of the world so that we are able to complete this task which is part of the reason why many do not like the intensity of the Scorpio.

This full moon in Scorpio brings us to a space of new growth. We have been diving deeply into the realm of our desires materially and financially with this new moon in Taurus which asked us to create a foundation through which the seeds of what we wanted financially and socially could be planted. If you set intentions, goals, and cleared up your desires now is a time for you to do what many of us hate to do. Wait. Remember the saying that watched pots never boil? How often are you wanting 5 pm to arrive and as you watch the clock it seems like time is moving slower or stopped? That’s the power of attention and focus. Once we move our attention to something it behaves in accordance to the TRUE energy that you are sending towards it. This full moon in Scorpio suggests that there are a lot of things we express on the surface that counter the beliefs that we hold deeply within. For example, if you express a desire for abundance but inwardly hold beliefs based on scarcity, what you will see manifest are topics, events, and scenarios which bring you towards loss and lack. As they say the evidence of what you truly believe are the things that are actually manifesting for you. That’s why you are being called to clean up duty because if what you set intentions for doesn’t align with your true beliefs it won’t manifest as you desire for it to.

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Right now you have planted the seeds for either a new venture or to deepen one that you are already experiencing. Those seeds are soaking up all the good energy and will power that you are putting towards them through action, prayer, and intent. You must practice patience at this time. Scorpio is not an energy of quick movement and results. It takes a lot of time to journey into the underworld and return. I’m sure you know that rushing the process rarely ever results in an amazing product or experience. It’s always better when you take your time and can truly enjoy the journey.

I’m going to give you some advice at this time. Find something else to focus on. If there’s a specific goal you set such as getting a certain amount of money, clients, new insights, guidance, a relationship or home set it aside and don’t think about it. The universe right now is doing the work. Your job is to make sure that when what you desire comes you’ll be ready. Do you have all the financing, insurance, moving company, decluttering, cleaning, and resources ready for when your new home arrives? What about for a new or deepened partnership? Have you done your work? In business, is your company legit? Have you filled out all the paperwork with the state and federal requirements? That’s the work that needs to be reviewed now. This waiting period may seem frustrating but it’s only so that you have time to get everything in order. When this energy starts moving it will be fast so you want to be ready. Keep the faith and hold strong to your knowing that you have all that you desire.

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If you think that’s too difficult don’t worry, there’s going to be plenty to focus on because this full moon is the start of an energetic underworld journey for us all. We are going to be clearing some energy out over the next few months that will make everything easier in the long run. Remember this is actually a 10 year which reduces down to 1 which represents new beginnings. 10 equals completion of cycles. All the endings that occurred last year have a small twilight time where you can honeymoon in the clearing of that energy. In my work I call this the 8th gate which you can read more about here. Be cautious though not to restart that cycle. Reflect on what was and then move on. You have the ability to achieve everything you want. You will get all that you desire. Just stick with it and if it seems that all you’re coming up against are barriers turn your attention towards what is the core belief at the basis of your desire. Clear that energy up through release and exploration rituals, shadow work and counseling. Then you can return to your project when you feel called to.

The key to this full moon is patience, endurance, and abundance. Keep your head up and enjoy the fruits of all that you have and will complete.

With love,


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