Full Solar Eclipse In Leo

Greetings beloveds, How are you all doing? Do you feel calm, anxious, excited, sad? I spent the eclipse in the waters of the Caribbean feeling the waves and salt cleanse old wounds while clearing away old patterns. I felt the door close on many areas of my life that no longer served me. It feltContinue reading “Full Solar Eclipse In Leo”

Summer Solstice 2017 Love Reading:

Greetings beloveds, It’s the time for the season of love! Oh yes, it is going to be a summer where love comes to us in the form of timeless sustainability. This season we will find ourselves remembering times when we experienced the purity of love. Our thoughts influence our attitude and perspective on life. WhenContinue reading “Summer Solstice 2017 Love Reading:”

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Birthing the Phoenix

Greetings beloveds,           I hope you are excited for this full moon in Sagittarius because I know I sure am. This is the last full moon before the summer solstice and I have never been more ready for a new season to begin. It’s only appropriate then that this full moon be in the signContinue reading “Full Moon in Sagittarius: Birthing the Phoenix”

Coming Up for Air

Greetings, I had a move towards my purpose. For what I was meant to do. I shared an opinion today where as I usually do not and keep these things to myself. The person responded in a total backlash eventually blocking me. I hold some trauma from interacting with others and being railroaded then rejected.Continue reading “Coming Up for Air”


Greetings loves, Today I experienced a profound moment. I talk about it often. That time where you are given the choice to take the road already traveled or set a new course. I almost went down that well traveled route. Then I sat. I closed my eyes, took several deep breaths and said Goddess whatContinue reading “No”

It’s Official!

It’s here it’s here!! Hello beloveds, I’m here to share with you an exciting project that I am putting together for the month of April. I don’t know about the rest of you but 2014 was eh, 2015 was rough, and 2016 is starting to off beautiful but slightly intimidating. What does that mean? ThatContinue reading “It’s Official!”

New Season, New Projects

Greetings loves, I have been busy busy busy planning. I have wanted to get better at time management and one of the ways that I planned to accomplish this was by purchasing a large wall calendar. I’ve been able to set out my plans for the upcoming month along with the new/full moons, season changes,Continue reading “New Season, New Projects”

Full Moon Reading: Baring It All with Vulnerability

Greetings beloveds, Tonight’s the night! That’s right its the full moon for March in Libra. This time we are experiencing a ton of different energies including ones focused on water, emotions, and flexibility. I pulled a card from my Oracle of the Mermaids deck to give us some insight on what we can expect toContinue reading “Full Moon Reading: Baring It All with Vulnerability”

Long Days

Today was a long day. The kind you aren’t sure if you really made it through successfully or not. It’s one of those days where you take the fact that you made it through the day as a success and keep it pushing. Let’s talk about self worth. I have had a difficult time dealingContinue reading “Long Days”