The Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series- The Fool

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)The Fool

We will start here because honestly, this could be the fools journey that I am embarking on with this very ambitious summer project. The fool is included in some readers philosophy but not all. There is a long history of tarot with many different viewpoints that developed over time as the traditions split into different fractions.

According to one path, as the unnumbered card of the tarot deck, the Fool cards meaning depends on where it falls in the reading. Following this view, If the Fool shows up towards the beginning of the reading then it represents that one is facing a choice that requires a well thought out decision. Upright, the person is not being mindful of all the results that could come from their decision. They are being foolish and possibly taking an unwise route. When reversed, this card indicates that one is not making any progress and is not making any choices although they need to. The fool can show up towards the end of the reading as well. When this happens, it indicates that that person has completed a journey and has learned from what they have experienced. This fool is one who has a childlike curiosity which is perceived as being naïve and simpleminded. The world is looking at you now as society has trained us to view children. As helpless, tabla rosas who are waiting for us to imprint upon them who they are. Yet these are souls who are independent, have distinct personalities, and desires. Many have lived several lifetimes through which they have gathered a wisdom that is often lost as they are socialized to perform within their current social structure. Think of when a child speaks with a wisdom and knowledge beyond their years. This is the fool that comes up at the end of a reading. Reversed, the fool at the end of a spread suggests that one is not using their knowledge wisely. They have come far in the world but have not reached the end of the path yet. There is still more for you to experience before you will be ready to move past this lesson.

Another perspective sees the first card of the exoteric and esoteric tarot deck as the Fool. In this role, the Fool similarly represents new beginnings and new paths to be taken. Here there is a bit more emphasis on the obtainment of material possessions and their ability to influence one’s decision making abilities.  When The Fool shows up in this format, one is advised to ensure that they are not being driven solely by what they are materially interested in. This is a time to focus on spiritual wealth to guide one on their journey.

Numerology and Astrology:

The Fool may be counted as zero. Starting with a 0 is reminiscent of the void which is the space in which all life comes forth. It is without form or shape meaning that anything can happen and if the right conditions are available, what can happen will.  The possibilities are endless. The Fool again appears as Key 0 at the end of the 21 cards of the major arcana as the 22 card. The number 22 represents the completion of the circular journey. A beginning without end. When 22 is reduced to 4, the Fool also carries Earth energy of manifestation and journey’s through the physical realm. The 4 energy suggests that one recognize the role of authority, masculine energy, home, and their position as a provider. The Fool is also associated with Uranus and Pluto.

Regardless of where The Fool falls in your reading, when the Fool shows up it is a sign that there is change coming where one will be in a space where they should approach the situation with an open child-like wonder.  Every moment provides us with a chance for growth. Be mindful of the choices you make and the path you take.



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