Moon Phases: Waning Gibbous Part IV

autumn moments (1)

Greetings beloveds,

Today the moon is 59% illuminated in Aries. There is an energy of new beginnings, growth and movement today. As my back has healed I have been able to move more and be more active. Strangely, I have wanted to spend more time resting and doing pleasurable activities then some of my other duties. I did complete my meditation for the day after a gift to myself of self-pleasure. As we near the new moon and along with it my upcoming menstruation time, I feel myself wanting to experience more pleasure. I feel playful, joyous, and full of life. I know that now is a time to replenish my energy before I become active again. So today I took a break. I ate yummy food, watched good movies and spent time with a good friend. It was delightful. It will be interesting to see if as the moons energy moves into Taurus whether I will feel more drawn into spending time at home.

Tonight I will connect with the moon as an active principle as opposed to the more reflective role it is generally given. How does the moon guide us and move us to create? I’ll meditate on this further tonight and share what I find tomorrow.



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