Divination Toolkit: The Tarot Series- The Sun

Divination Toolkit Tarot Series (1)XIX The Sun

           From the dark of night we emerge into the light of day, welcome to The Sun.  A man and women or perhaps just one child frolic on the Sun card. If there is a couple, then they are clothed in opposing colors of perhaps red and blue to display the unity between duality. Behind them a similarly painted wall with red and blue bricks provides us with the knowledge that our external world has reached balance between dualing forces as well. Or there may be the lone child riding upon a white horse. Their hands thrown up in joy as they ride without a saddle, free of restraints or need of security. This child and horse represent the achievement of balance and the freedom that results from it. In this scene, the four sunflowers represent the elements of Earth in alignment with the spirit, will, and body of the child. The child rides beyond the gates of what could be Eden having found paradise within. Through finding internal balance we have surpassed the Magician’s work of mastering the material world and have begun to advance our world into new realms.

The Sun card in the Tarot is a symbol for balance between our subconscious and conscious self. It represents that the apparent separation or conflict between seemingly opposing forces has been repaired. Alternatively, The Sun states that these dualities have never been real or in conflict. The Sun has risen showing us that the illusions separation presented the Moon card have been false. Upon realizing this we see that we are an alchemical process which produces gold-a golden spirit. When we stop battling ourselves we can interact with the elements of the world around us both physically and spiritually to create a paradise on Earth. It is through facing our shadow in the Moon that we rise with the Sun.

The Sun card can also represent a time of peace, love, joy, and family. Our social connections are strong right now. Our family and friendships are progressing well and in harmony with one another. You may also be finding yourself having a child like sense of joy and peace. Children when cared for and in safe environments they are light, free, creative, and comfortable expressing themselves. They feel without shame or fear. This does not suggest that you should turn a blind eye to any wrongs or unpleasant experiences but that you should face them head on with the courage of one who KNOWS that all will be well. That is the energy of the Sun. Be brave, be bold, be vulnerable, be open to the knowledge that the world has to offer you and be prepared to use it appreciate the life the world has to offer you.


The Sun in reverse indicates that you are close to achieving your desire but that there is a delay or more work to be done. What stands out to you in the image? Is it the colors, the people or child, the plants, the sun? Pay attention to what catches your eye as this is what area needs more work before you will complete your task or receive your happy ending. The Sun in reverse can also indicate that things may appear to be perfect harmony but there is something that is not quite right. Take a moment to ensure that you have dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s. This is not a time to get caught up in false illusions of perfection. See things as they really are and make sure that you have done your internal work. Lastly, the Sun card in reverse can also mean a broken contract or that a time of peace and happiness in your life is coming to an end. Do not fret, this is the cycle that exists for us all. There is much to be learned from this experience. Know that if you reached the Sun before you can return there again.

Numerology and Astrology:

Nineteen is the final number before we move into the twenties. Nine’s are the end of a cycle, the completion of a journey. The number 19 represents the completion of the journey to self-actualization and success. Those with this energy flourish in business, marriage, family, and life. They are creative, innovative, and able to bring their ideas to reality. When one is an unbalanced 19 they wear the façade of success and happiness while using tricks and deception to get ahead. These are individuals who cannot face their shadow so they hide behind a false light. The Sun in Tarot is ruled by Leo, Mars, and the Sun which explains why there is the charge of courage, success, achievement, and luck associated with this card. These energies combined are a recipe for manifestation and creation. Yet, unchecked they can also drive one towards arrogance, destruction, and war. Thus, they perfectly reflect the purpose of the Fool’s journey and the ongoing search for balance.

The Fool is now at a significant point in his journey where he must decide how we view and interact with the world. It is the time of Judgement.


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