Full Solar Eclipse In Leo


Greetings beloveds,

How are you all doing? Do you feel calm, anxious, excited, sad? I spent the eclipse in the waters of the Caribbean feeling the waves and salt cleanse old wounds while clearing away old patterns. I felt the door close on many areas of my life that no longer served me. It felt beautiful and freeing because I knew that my attachment to fixing other people or being the one to heal them. This was a long time coming because I had been moving towards this conclusion for months. Once I have finished my contribution it is time for me to let go and let others have the ability to do their work.

This is was a huge relief to me because I had been feeling guilty for removing myself from certain interactions. I felt the kind thing to do was “to not give up on others! You have to stick with it and support others as they heal”. This is true but that does not mean that I have to be in any contact with that person in order to support them in their healing. In fact, once you energetically agree to the healing of yourself and others, no further work need be done on your part if it is an unhealthy (takes away your energy or causes emotional/mental/psychological harm) connection. Saying no, I do not need to interact with this person further is a signal to the universe that you are valuing your well-being.

20170821_153510Over and over I tried to understand this question about worth and value. I thought it was about material things, which does play its part. What I found was that it was about where do I put my energy? Am I spending time, energy, and money on people, places, items, and experiences that do not feed my soul? That make me feel tired, frazzled, or drained? Do I feel like I HAVE to stay in these situations and if so why? Once I began to look at all interactions as energetic exchanges, I began to ask myself some key questions.

Does that exchange feed me or drain me?

Do I feel like this is an exchange that I value and find worthy of my energy?

These questions help guide me towards when and where to detract and extend my energy. When I started living this way I began to get so much work done! I wrote, explored, made plans, and dreamed of where I wanted to be! I honored my body and spirit. When they called for rest, I rested. When they asked to not be in the presence of other people, I removed myself from the circumstances. This is expressing my worth. This is setting standards in order to honor my value.

One last note, if you find it difficult to set boundaries and uphold them there is work that needs to be done on your solar plexus and throat chakra. You can check out ways to do this throughout The Bliss Institute.

See you Wednesday!



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