Sacred Hearth: Creating the 8th Gate in Your Home


Greetings beloveds,

I have spoken of the 8th Gate of the underworld as a space of creation and rest. You can read about the 8th Gate of the underworld here. As we are at the time to begin integrating the lessons of the underworld into our lives, let us acknowledge and create our own 8th Gate within your home.

  • Find a space that you can fill with only the things that make you feel safe and loved.
  • Cleanse that space using the elements
    • Air: Incense, sound, breath
    • Water: humidifier, spray mist
    • Fire: light candles, safely burn intentions for the space
    • Earth: bring in plants and stones
    • Spirit: Energetic clearing using spheres of cleansing and protection
  • Set the intention of the space
    • Previous methods may be used here as well
    • Write sigils using your energy upon the walls and floors
  • Place the items that conjure emotions of safety, comfort, and support into this space. Make sure these items also engage your creative side.
  • Spend time in this space doing what brings you pleasure. Reading, writing, meditating, listening to music, electronic media. This is not a space to zone out altogether but to incite the energy of creation within you. This is different for everyone.
  • This does not have to be inside your home. Spaces outside can serve to be your 8th Gate but be mindful of the privacy of that space. If it is public and others enter it, that place will need to be cleansed more often and reset.


Enjoy your time within the 8th Gate. May it lead you to peace and joy.




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