January: The Start of Something Big

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Greetings beloveds,

2017 was a year of growth for me. Here’s a list of where we’ve been

  • Consistently contributed to The Bliss Institute blog
  • Did oracle readings for each season change, full and new moon.
  • Introduced the 12 Dark Goddesses
  • Completed the first 28 Days of Love
  • Designed the self care and Underworld Journey workshop
  • Created the Sovereign Moon course
  • Designed the Official Bliss Institute Product line of incense, candles, altar jars, and oils.
  • Developed the Gods and Goddess of Love and Sex Tarot Deck

Here’s where we plan to go in 2018

  • Design workshops on tarot, oracle, astrology, numerology, and 12 Universal Laws course
  • Develop the Connecting to the Goddesses of Life and Death Course
  • Design the Resurrection Course
  • Consistently post Youtube videos and social media posts
  • Introduce the Gods of Life and Death
  • Include fashion in the home/space blog space
  • Provide at least one book or movie review each month
  • Provide a monthly journal prompt

And those are just the beginning! I hope that you all were able to achieve your goals in 2017. Even more I pray that you have set intentions and goals which feed your passions and your soul in 2018.

Here’s to another year of success!



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