Full Moon in Cancer: Clean, Clear, and Taking Care of Self.

Full Moon Readings New

Greetings beloveds,

It’s officially the first full moon of 2018 and of course being in the sign of Cancer we are going to be all up in our feels. Alright, let’s get real here. There is something in your life that is crappy right now. You may be having petty conflict with your loved ones, at home, or in situations where there are power dynamics (i.e. every possible situation). In the areas that you can control and influence you can either create a space of heaven or hell. A space of support and love or conflict and stress. At some point you have chosen to either exert power over someone or give power to someone or something when that did not need to occur.

Cancer’s are known for giving more love, energy, and time to those that do not return the sentiment. If you find yourself in partnerships that are not equally supportive, time to cut the cord. Otherwise you will begin to hold negative energy which will impact your life in ways that you may be least expecting it such as your ability to provide for yourself and care for your home. As Cancer, is associated with the home, make sure that you have created a safe space for yourself there. Do not let others take advantage of your giving nature. Create boundaries and stick to them. Even if you write them down and pull them out when necessary.

Alright so how do we not find ourselves in their power conflicts? Connect to Spirit. Simple as that. This theme of spirituality is the main theme of all life. We always have resources and support waiting for us to tap into them. We cannot do that when we are not willing to be open to that information. Meditate, pray, write, sing, play instruments, have sex, talk to your friends, be in nature, take part in sacred movements, whatever is your thing do it. Also, focus on getting your temple right.

  • Clean your house

Have you been slacking on staying on top of your finances? Robbing Peter to pay Paul? Make a budget, set up different bank accounts, and find a financial management system that you can stick with.

Physically clean your home

Wash your windows, dust, clean your floors, wash your walls

Air your pillows and mattress

Recycle, donate, and trash objects you no longer need

  • Clear your energy

Wash your hair

Exfoliate your skin

Receive a manicure or pedicure (from yourself or another)


Use air, water, earth, and fire to cleanse according to your spiritual practice

  • Take care of your body

Take time off to relax (walk, bathe, read, write, watch a movie or tv, meet with friends, have sex)

Review your daily eating habits

Move! – Make it a daily priority to move and be active

Happy New Year- May you thrive in 2018



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