28 Days of Love: Love Moves

Physical-Activity-Main.jpg (800×300)Greetings beloveds,

Let’s get rolling with loving our physical forms. Our thoughts do affect our physical body as it shapes what we do, but it’s also important to do what we can to stay active. Movement is a foundation of health and there are so many physical activity options. There’s definitely something you can find that resonates with your being.

I know for me a lack of movement makes me feel sluggish, heavy and less mobile. I move slower and am less apt to want to be active. Maintaining a consistent movement schedule can be difficult when life gets busy. You have to prioritize movement when you can. I can tell you though, when I first started graduate school I only had to attend classes Tuesday through Thursday. Being new to the city and not having many friends meant that I had plenty of time to stay active and prepare food. I was in the gym, running, and preparing fresh food every day for multiple hours. I loved it because it gave me something to do and cost me nothing. Then I started working and my whole schedule went down the drain. Between managing a full time job, finishing my degree, and actually having a social life, physical activity and nutrition went out the window. It took me two years to regain some balance in my life which came from having some difficult conversations with myself about priorities and what kind of life I wanted to live.

This experience gave me the inspiration to share information on the many ways that we can continue to participate in physical activity and caring for our bodies even when we have a lot going on in our lives. More importantly, I know that sometimes we just might not be as active as we would like or we may have physical or health conditions that just don’t allow a lot or any physical activity. We have to be gentle with ourselves and do the best that we can. Our thoughts and attitude towards our bodies play such an important role in our physical wellbeing and when you are not being active it is vital for your mind to be in its best shape so please take advantage of any meditation or therapy services that are available. With that being said on to the ways to get active and keep that energy moving.

taichi21.jpg (500×364)

   Here are some great ways to get moving:

Walking, running, roller-skating/blading, skateboarding, surfing, cardio or weight lifting at the gym, boxing, physical therapy if appropriate

Yoga, pilates, tai chi, chi gong, martial arts, stretching

Gardening, hiking, walking your pet, cleaning (vacuuming is great for this),

Belly dance, ballet/barre, Zumba, African dance, hip hop, pole dancing, salsa, kizomba, ballroom dancing

Soccer, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis,

               Participating in physical activity not only improves and maintains the health of our physical heart but also our feelings towards our bodies. When we move our bodies it activates the feel good receptors in our mind causing us to feel happier. Physical activity serves as a supplement to our mental health but cannot replace actual mental health interventions such as therapy or medication. Again, do what you can to feel your best. That is the true self love. One of my other favorite things to do while in sacred movement is to send loving thoughts and say positive affirmations to my body. I suggest that the next time you engage in a physical activity that you give it a try! Come back and share your results as I would love to hear if this makes any difference in your perspective towards being active and your body.

With love as always,



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