June’s Planetary Placements

June Placements 12 Mercury moves into Cancer

Our communication softens and becomes more nurturing. It’s time for us to connect with our hearts and speak our truths. Mercury in Cancer will cause you to find a cuddle buddy or someone who you can have all the deep heart wrenching discussions about your family, friends, and dreams.

June 13 New Moon in Gemini: This is a super busy new moon that I’ll cover soon in the New Moon reading. For now, here’s the planetary breakdown.

Pluto/ Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio are in retrograde.

Mercury, and Uranus in Taurus

Mars in Aquarius

Sun in Gemini

Mercury in Cancer

Venus in Leo

Neptune in Pisces

June 16 Uranus semi-square Neptune

Uranus the planet of revolutions and advanced communication creates a bit of friction against Neptune the planet of dreams and the subconscious. On the surface you are rebelling against conditions that cause oppression for yourself and others. This could be in the realm of economics in that you are wanting to become a part or support more radical different forms of commerce. Yet, you might be too scared that you will lose the little bit of control you do have if you get directly involved. This is a good time to review of where you invest your time and energy. Be brave and willing to stand up for what you believe in. This is a time to action against oppression. A new world is coming.

June 18 Saturn quincunx True node and Neptune retrograde

Saturn quincunx True Node: You are called to following your true purpose. It is time to connect your vocation with your higher calling. Doing so through a voice of just power that is confident but not self-centered is vital to your success. You are being tempted to exploit your influence or wield it over others to serve yourself and not the greater good. Prejudice and judgement are signs that you are not moving towards your purpose but being sidetracked. Use your powers for equality not oppression.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: Retrograde season is in full swing! Neptune in retrograde in Pisces at this time is all about love, friendships, and our dream relationship. We are diving in deeply to the fantasy of what our love lives or life in general could be. We may encounter people or situations that seem to be the perfect manifestation of what we desire. Remember that in the sign and planet of dreams things are not always what they seem. Key words are to MOVE SLOW!! Enjoy yourself but take a realistic stance. Hold off on jumping into relationships or other dream propositions until Neptune stations direct on November 24th.

June 21 Summer Solstice sun in Cancer – Summer Solstice Reading coming next week!

Pluto/ Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces are in retrograde.

Uranus in Taurus

                Shadow of Mars retrograde in Aquarius

Sun and Mercury in Cancer

Venus in Leo

June 26

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune all in retrograde)

Mars in Aquarius represents a desire for independence and liberation. We are wanting to explore our ability to provide for yourself in an innovative way. You might be experimenting with new forms of technology, media, or currency. We are wanting to try new things and approaches to fixing our personal, community, societal, and global issues. Just be mindful of only wanting to try things your way. If you find yourself pushed into a corner you will rebel to keep your freedom. As this is Mars in retrograde we won’t be making progress as quickly as we could. There will be resistance to changing our society and how we make money. We’ve seen some of this coming in the decline in mining, farming, and other industries. We are on the verge of a surge in technological advancements. Stay on your toes, stay open to change, be patient.

Pluto Quintile Chiron

Pluto in Capricorn in reverse quintiles Chiron in Aries. Pluto in Capricorn (6th house) gives highlights the importance of hard work in achieving success. You are putting this energy towards healing and things that bring you back to life. We have been living according to what OTHERS want for us or what society says we should be doing. Pluto in Capricorn quintile Chiron in Aries gives us a push to align with our personal purpose through a creative outlet. This could be reinventing yourself, regenerating your business or approach to your job, or a literal creative pursuit. IF you have been working on debuting something new to the world now is the time when you may get that spark to really go after it or begin to share this information with others.

June 28 Full Moon in Capricorn – Check out the full moon reading to get this astrology breakdown.

Pluto/ Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Aquarius are in retrograde.

                Mercury, and Uranus in Taurus

Sun and Mercury in Cancer

Venus in Leo

June 29 Mercury in Leo

Mercury in Leo in the 1st house brings us a great opportunity to develop our communication skills. If you are confident in your ability to engage others and speak your truth be mindful of the power that you hold during this placement. We are very magnetic, and you might draw to you more attention than you want especially if your opinions or truth triggers others. If you are not confident in your speech or presence, then you may be susceptible to others influence. Develop your own truth and opinions. Find productive ways to express yourself. If others are not open to what you have to say they many not be the audience for you.



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