New Moon in Virgo


New Moon In Virgo


Greetings beloveds!

Well since this is going to be a rough new moon my recommendations are to spend time working on your projects, relaxing forms of entertainment and with good friends. It will help balance out a lot of the anxiety you might feel. So here is our Virgo New Moon Ritual.

Virgo Harvest Manifestation Ritual

Part I – Make 4 Lists

  1. 6 things that bring you joy
  2. 7 things you accomplished this year
  3. 8 things you are working on
  4. 9 things you love about yourself

Part II.

Take part in the 11/22 Reverse Harvest. Starting on 9/11 for the next 11 days post 1 thing that you love about your life. Then later that day journal for 11 minutes on your dream life. Put as much detail as you can into the journal entry.

This challenge will end on September 22, on the Fall Equinox. Complete your equinox ritual as you please and “plant” a copy of your last journal entry to be fed by the warmth of the Earth’s soil. The work that the divine masculine has done over the spring and summer is ready to be planted in the deep rich soil of the divine feminine’s powerful shadow work during the fall and winter. We let the plant the things that we dream in a reverse harvest at the fall equinox so that while we are releasing the parts of our work we no longer need we can gather our dreams as they bloom in the spring. Winter is a season of death and release. During this time, we give our dreams the freedom to expand while we do our own work of letting go those parts of us that are holding us back from these dreams. Watch your dreams come true as we enter the astrological new year in Spring 2019.

Virgo New Moon Reading

We are in late summer where the world appears to be covered by a sepia filter. We are winding down into the energy of fall. Before the feminine enters the underworld, the masculine must finish its’ time of shadow work. The work of integrating our retrograde experiences into our personal narrative. Luckily, we are assisted by the fertile energy of Virgo who is the expert at creation through cultivation. Unfortunately, that can lead to an overly critical nature of ourselves and each other. If you find yourself feeling envious of what could have been, who you used to be, or others around you take a time out. We will need to flex our patience skills this new moon. Do not push, do not be cruel to those you are envious of. Acknowledge what was or could have been but do not stay there. Without the ability to let the past stay in the past you repeat the same lessons in the same way with little progress. Although we all find ourselves in patterns, we have to cultivate the ability to be present/mindful so we can recognize the patterns the second they come up. From there we can then make different choices which lead us to a new path where we can explore the other possibilities that we discovered during the eclipses.

That’s right, this is a new moon of closure. The last new moon of the summer brings all the work that we have been doing to a head. It’s time to harvest our integrated shadow/light bodies, souls, and minds. Put your purpose to the test. Are you about this life or still just playing games? Envy steals our ability to focus on ourselves limiting our means to create. Stay present. Stay focused. And if all else fails use any negative feelings, rejections, or doubts to fuel your fire and prove all the naysayers wrong. Use that Virgo energy to flip the script and create gold from lead. It’s your time. Take your shot.

Kamilah Rose


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