November Astrology: The Power to Change

November Planetary Placements


Can you believe that it’s already November. 2018 flew by and I know for many of us we could not be happier to move along this year. This November is all about self worth and healing. What has been holding you back? What are the unconscious scripts that guide your life? With all the talk of shadow work it might seem like this is something that can be done quickly or once you have done this bit then you’re finished. Shadow work is just like any other form of personal development. It never ends. The more we bring to light more shadow we cast. This is a marathon not a sprint. So we move forward sometimes quickly sometimes slow as molasses. How quickly we change does not matter, it’s the work that matters most.

Let’s get into some highlights of Novembers’ Astrology

November 6- Uranus square True Node, True Node enters Cancer, Uranus retrograde enter Aries

I’ve talked about this before last year but it’s here!! You ready for change, cause it’s ready for you. Swallow your pride and go into your fears today. Here’s what we can do to best utilize this energy. My faves Caroline Elliot uses this in her course Influence and Amber Khan is currently taking folks through this process in reference to the book Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. It’s creating your new life through actively seeing it as you want it to be on a “movie screen” in your mind. More importantly, Amber emphasizes the importance of rewriting what I call, our life scripts to better fit what you desire to accomplish.

The best way I’ve enjoyed describing this process is that you are an actor. You have been hired to play a role so you head in to read the script. You receive a character profile with all the personality traits and characteristics of who you will be playing. Then you get the script which has all the details of what will happen to your character. This is only the first season or movie in the cinematic universe so there’s space for the character to grow and change. This character interacts with others and through this interaction their life unfolds with twists and turns. Yet, they remain true to their character profile. Suppose though that there is a major event that happens in the world. Characters will be impacted, the story will change. Your work will adapt yet, your character profile will remain the same. Perhaps, you decide that it’s time for your character to change. You want to react in a way outside of your nature. You see potential for your character so you start to slowly incorporate changes. Next thing you know you’re character has evolved and the story that was written out no longer makes sense. So it changes again.

Your personality is the character profile, you are the actor , and your life is the story. When you decide to make a change if you do not change your character profile your personality and identity stays the same. Your story remains on track. So we must change our profile and we do that through placing ourselves into the movie of our lives. We live out our desired life through visualization. When you encounter resistance, breathe through it. You are worth the work it will take to rewrite your character profile and update your script.

Go, imagine, be.

Kamilah Rose




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