Ocean Wonders

Hello lovies,

It’s finally summer time and I could not be happier. Summer brings us long hot days and finding every excuse you can be in or near water. Why are we so drawn to this mysterious element? Perhaps it is because it is so abundance and yet we know so little about it’s depths.

According to the NOAA’s National Ocean Service the ocean is about 2.3 miles deep. More then likely you walk more than that distance every day. The deepest part of the ocean is the Challenger Deep a part of the Mariana Trench which is located in the western Pacific Ocean south of Japan and east of the Philippines. At 36, 200 ft. deep, the Challenger Deep sparks memories of myths, mammoth ocean creatures, and just how allusive the ocean can be.

Does anyone else think the Mariana Trench resembles a pregnant woman?

There is much magic to be found working with water including how to tap into the mysteries of the deepest trenches without ever leaving your home. Here’s a quick list of ways to interact with the element of water.

  • Any drink can be consecrated in formal ritual or informal practice. Second
  • Your bathroom can be transformed into a sacred space to honor water through crystals, shells, and the use of colors related to water
  • Apply energy practices such as reiki to set the energy of the water in your shower or bath for a specific purpose
  • Meditate to sounds of the ocean or storms
  • Create a Sea Bag which holds items that you have consecrated related to water, the sea, and the ocean.
  • Learn more about the many forms of water on our planet
  • Join or create a beach or lake clean up
  • Connect to ocean and water beings and creatures including whales, dolphins, fish, reefs, mermaids, and sirens.

This summer I’ll be exploring the element of water and all the ways we cannot with it. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Love always,

Kamilah Rose


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